SALT LAKE CITY — “Fortnite” and Marshmello are collaborating.

What’s going on: “Fortnite” — the battle royale game that has swept the nation — has decided to drop a number of items related to Marshmello, who is a trance music DJ, according to Forbes.

  • There will be a Marshmello-themed skin for sale.
  • The shop has a new Mello Rider glider, which is used in-game to travel to different destinations.
  • Two new emotes have been added, including "The Marsh Walk"and "Bobbin'" emotes, which are special dance moves players can perform in the game.

More items: There are two more items available in the shop, including a DJ Bop skin (the female llama DJ similar to DJ Yonder) and a Nitelite outfit, the Drop the Bass emote, and a glow rider, according to Forbes. Oh, and be ready with the Spectral Axe.

Why it matters: “Fortnite” will have an in-game concert featuring DJ Marshmello, according to The Verge.

  • The concert will take place Saturday at the Pleasant Park location.
  • The stage for the show has been constructed on the football field inside the park.

Facts: Marshmello added Pleasant Park to its upcoming tour schedule.

Flashback: Marshmello previously teamed up with popular esports gamer Ninja for the “Fortnite” celebrity tournament at E3 last year.