SALT LAKE CITY — Hip hop star T-Pain says that “The Masked Singer” was a moment for him to prove the haters wrong.

T-Pain won “The Masked Singer” last month, revealing himself as the Monster. He topped Donny Osmond (the Peacock) and Gladys Knight (the Bee) to win the show.

T-Pain told the New York Daily News it was a moment for him to prove the haters wrong. (Warning: the article contains one censored expletive)

  • “I have people that just been doubting me my whole career and things like that because I've put some different aesthetic on my vocals than everybody else,” he said. “It just turned out to be a great opportunity to really show another side of me, and kind of gave me a second coming.”

T-Pain said he has used the success to refresh his career.

  • “I love it and I hate it. It's awesome being recognized and all that stuff, but the amount of work that comes with it, I forgot about that. ... It feels good to be in the spotlight again. You got the naysayers, and people saying this is only going to last a couple weeks, and it has been a couple weeks, and here we are talking again. I love it, man. I love it to death. I love proving people wrong.”

Flashback: T-Pain told The Hollywood Reporter in the immediate aftermath of the show that he thought Gladys Knight could have won.

  • “I mean, she’s still doing her thing. She was amazing the whole time and if it was up to me, I definitely would have let her win. No question. That’s somebody I look up to. Nobody wants to beat Gladys Knight at anything! I’d let her win a video game,” he said.