SALT LAKE CITY — Twitter thought for a brief moment that a meteor was headed for Los Angeles, and maybe aliens were coming for Earth.

But, alas, it was all just a stunt by Red Bull, the energy drink company. Several people posted on Twitter that they saw a meteor falling from the sky in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department joined in on the fun, saying that the image was not from a meteor or from unidentified flying objects.

What happened: Turns out, it was Red Bull. See, the energy drink maker said that Red Bull Air Force was celebrating the final supermoon of the year by having its skydivers jump from a helicopter above the city, USA Today reported.

  • "To add a touch of Hollywood glitz, the suits were fitted with LED lights and sparking pyrotechnics that lit up the night sky as the sun set and the supermoon rose," said Red Bull.

See video of the jumpers below.

Flashback: As I wrote about for the Deseret News, the final supermoon of the year happened on Wednesday. The moon coincided with the spring equinox, which marked the beginning of spring.

Interesting: NASA reported a meteor exploded in Earth’s atmosphere back in December. It was the largest of its kind in the last 30 years, as I wrote about for the Deseret News.