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There are few moments more exciting for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than those moments leading up to the reading of a mission call. Once the excitement and anticipation of the missionary service has set in, however, future missionaries and their parents quickly discover there’s a lot to do before the mission can actually begin.

Besides making all of the travel arrangements and getting a passport or visa taken care of, there's a lot to pack in just a couple of suitcases. Depending on the climate of the destination, getting everything a missionary needs can be a challenge.

For young men, stocking up on the iconic dark suits, white shirts and colorful ties is key. But not all clothes were made equally, especially when it comes to the durability of that all-important white button-up shirt. Here are some considerations to weigh when you and your missionary are looking for the best white collar shirts.


With more than 400 missions throughout the world, the variety of climates a missionary might be exposed to is vast, to say the least. Luckily, when a missionary receives his or her call, it will include a list of suggested clothing to help the missionary prepare for the appropriate climate.

Missionaries heading to cold locations will want to stock up on thick, long-sleeve white shirts in addition to other layers they can add or remove as they move between indoors and outdoors. They may also need lightweight shirts for the warmer months in that area.

Missionaries called to serve in hot, arid locales would be well-advised to look for moisture-wicking material that can keep them cool as they go door-to-door. There are shirts out there designed specifically to keep you cool, even in the most humid of climates.


In some places, washing machines will provide an easy option for keeping missionary shirts clean, but not all missionaries will be called to serve in locations where washing machines are accessible. Missionaries in third world countries may wash their clothes or hire someone else to wash them by hand, either in a lake or stream or by using a hand-cranked washer.

Regardless of the method of cleaning, missionary shirts need to be washed frequently, which means they’ll put up with a lot of friction and rubbing. Cheap shirts will quickly turn threadbare or tear, leaving missionaries to scramble on their P-day (preparation day) to buy more shirts or try to repair the ones they have.

Higher quality shirts may cost more up front but will save missionaries time and headache later as they’ll withstand much more of the day-to-day missionary life. At &Collar, missionaries can now purchase unstainable dress shirts which include recycled plastic. They require far less washing and will not stain, making them one of the most durable shirts on the market.


Beyond the possibility that the missionary won’t have easy or reliable access to a washing machine, it's also a good idea to consider access to an iron. As most 18-year-old boys can confirm, they don't want to iron their shirts. If it can't be thrown in the dryer for a few minutes or hung up to steam during a shower, it will be wrinkled.

Fortunately, there are wrinkle-resistant shirt options on the market that do not wrinkle or crease easily, which means they won’t need ironing to stay looking crisp and fresh. They'll also rebound more easily when they do get wet or dirty and need to be cleaned.

No matter where you or your missionary is called, clothing should be the least of his or her concerns. With a full day scheduled every day, ironing, cleaning and sweating shouldn't be priorities for missionaries to worry about. Browse &Collar online to check out their selection of white, men's dress shirts.