House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump Tuesday afternoon, according to the Associated Press.

“The intelligence community inspector general formally notified the Congress that the administration was forbidding him from turning over a whistleblower complaint—on Constitution Day. This is a violation of law,” she said.

Utah’s lone Democratic congressman faces Trump impeachment test

“Today I am announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry.”

A lot of news surrounding Trump and impeachment broke on Tuesday. Here’s a breakdown of all the news bits you might have missed.

  • Around 11 a.m. MT, The Washington Post reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi planned to announce a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Pelosi planned to make her announcement Tuesday at a closed-door meeting with Democrats. Axios offered a look into Pelosi’s thinking on impeachment, which is certainly worth a read.
  • Per Axios, the U.S. Senate unanimously called for Trump to release the full Ukraine whistleblower complaint, which allegedly involves Trump and Ukraine.
  • President Trump tweeted that he would release the transcript of his July phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to quell any concerns over his call for Kiev to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.
  • According to The New York Times, the July transcript is only one piece of the puzzle. “A whistle-blower complaint, which the administration has blocked lawmakers from seeing, is said to deal at least in part with Ukraine and cover multiple actions,” according to The New York Times.
  • California Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted Tuesday that the whistleblower’s counsel said their client was willing to speak to the committee and testify.
  • Biden said he would back impeachment if Trump didn’t work with Congress to release information about the Ukraine phone call, according to The New York Times.
  • Other Democratic presidential candidates called for Trump to release details of the interactions between Trump and the Ukrainian leader. The candidates argued the transcript of one phone call was not enough, according to The Hill.
  • Over the weekend, a Wall Street Journal report revealed that Trump pressed Ukraine’s president to investigate Biden’s son Hunter. He reportedly called for Zelensky to work with Rudy Guiuliani to hurt Biden. On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Trump ordered with withholding military aid to Ukraine. A whistleblower previously released a report that someone, apparently Trump, made an inappropriate “promise” to a foreign leader, according to The Washington Post.