Baby Archie made his first public appearance with parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Wednesday, according to People magazine.

The 4-month-old accompanied the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to a meeting with Nobel Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, as part of the family’s South African tour, People reported.

A short video of the family on their way to the meeting, labeled “Archie meets Arch,” was shared on the official Sussex Royal Instagram page.

The meeting between Archie, the first biracial British royal, and Tutu, “a man who has campaigned for anti-apartheid and equal rights for most of his life,” was significant, Sunday Times reporter Roya Nikkhah told CBS News.

“There is history in the making there,” Nikkhah told CBS. “That is how Harry and Meghan were sending a very powerful message; with something that was quite a lovely, informal meeting, very significant.”

Archie stole the show during the meeting, according to CNN. At one point, Prince Harry joked about the number of cameras trying to get a picture of the infant, saying, “He is used to it already.”

Tutu gifted Archie a copy of an illustrated book written by the Archbishop, called “Desmond and the Very Mean Word” and gave Harry a framed photograph of his mother, Diana, meeting Nelson Mandela, CNN reported.

After the meeting, the Duke and Duchess posted a picture to Instagram of Archie with Tutu with the words, “‘Thank you Archbishop Tutu for your incredibly warm hospitality, Archie loved meeting you!’ – The Duke and Duchess.”