With the impact of COVID-19 felt across the world, the nation and Utah, we’ve all been forced to adapt to these temporary challenges. That’s no different for higher education. The method of teaching has shifted from face-to-face to online instruction.

No one could have anticipated a health pandemic would paralyze the world’s way of life, but Southern Utah University has spent the past year significantly increasing its online degree options for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in an effort to deliver high quality, affordable education for people looking to advance their careers.

In addition to bolstering its online offerings, SUU has decreased its tuition for online programs to make them more accessible for prospective students. Online-only tuition for undergraduate degrees has been reduced an average of 23%, while graduate online-only tuition dropped 12%. This took effect in January.

”We’ve tightened our belt as a university in order to give opportunities for people looking to better themselves,” said SUU President Scott L Wyatt. “With the impact of COVID-19 on the job market, people are struggling and are looking for ways to improve their situation. And we hear you loud and clear.”

SUU’s online degrees, both undergraduate and graduate, are ranked the most affordable in Utah. SUU’s undergraduate programs are ranked the sixth-best in the United States by SR Education Group, a leading education research publisher.

The benefits of online programs are invaluable; they give students who may live away from Cedar City, work full-time, or have a family, the opportunity to earn a degree and receive a quality education from a premier university.

”Honestly, I’ve loved having classes online,” said Brett Lunceford, a graduate student in the online professional communication program. “I work full time and own a business on the side and so I can’t always make it to class. Without an online option, I wouldn’t be able to complete my degree.”

SUU places students first in all courses and programs, including online, and though there may be a geographical distance between teacher and student, classes are personalized and engaging. Professors go above and beyond to ensure that online students are connected to each other and learning through technology and interactive coursework.

”I am a person that prefers to take classes on-campus because it fits my personality better, and I like the interaction with the professors,” said Lunceford. “However, I’ve loved the online options offered at SUU. The last class I took was so well organized and it was so smooth. The class had modules that took you from point A to B to C to D and did it seamlessly. I also want to say that my favorite professor of all time works at SUU. He is the reason I came back to finish my degree from his encouragement and support.”

”SUU is focused on providing access to high-quality education at a very affordable price,” said Roger LaMarca, executive director of enrollment management at SUU. “We are proud that we are able to help students all over the world connect with our faculty and learn skills that will help them be successful in their lives.”

Besides serving traditional students looking to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree, Southern Utah University has added degree programs that help people already working, but looking to advance in their careers.

In Spring 2020, SUU began offering the following degrees 100% online in an accelerated format:

All five programs are fully accredited and among the most affordable in the nation.

Whether a traditional student looking to earn a degree online or a mid-career person looking to boost their earning potential, SUU has an online-only degree that offers both quality instruction at the most competitive prices in the nation.

To learn more about Southern Utah University’s online programs, visit www.suu.edu/online.