BYU and Utah are both in this week’s College Football Playoff rankings.

After being No. 15 in the first CFP rankings of 2021 last week, the BYU Cougars rose one spot, coming in at No. 14 in the latest rankings released Tuesday.

Utah entered the rankings for the first time this season, slotted at No. 24.

The Cougars were ranked No. 14 in The Associated Press poll and No. 15 in the coaches poll on Sunday, while the Utes were unranked in both polls.

BYU is coming off of a 59-14 win over Idaho State on Saturday, improving its record to 8-2. The Cougars have won three consecutive games.

The Cougars have wins over Power Five teams Utah, Arizona State, Arizona, Washington State and Virginia. BYU’s two losses came against 5-4 Boise State and 7-2 Baylor, which is now No. 13 in the CFP rankings

Utah is coming off of a 52-7 win against Stanford, improving its record to 6-3 overall and 5-1 in Pac-12 play. Utah’s three losses came against 8-2 BYU, which is now No. 14 in the CFP rankings, San Diego State, which is now No. 22 in the CFP rankings, and Oregon State. Utah is in full control of Pac-12 South, leading the division with three games left to play.

Pac-12 North leader Oregon is ranked No. 3, in playoff position as of today. The Ducks have a win on the road against Ohio State, which is ranked No. 4.

Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State, Cincinnati and Michigan make up the top six in this week’s CFP rankings.

Notable teams from the previous College Football Top 25 that lost on Saturday include No. 3 Michigan State, which lost to Purdue; No. 9 Wake Forest, which lost to North Carolina; No. 12 Baylor, which lost to TCU; No. 13 Auburn, which lost to No. 14 Texas A&M; No. 17 Mississippi State, which lost to Arkansas; No. 18 Kentucky, which lost to Tennessee; and No. 20 Minnesota, which lost to Illinois.

College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 9)

  1. Georgia (9-0)
  2. Alabama (8-1)
  3. Oregon (8-1)
  4. Ohio State (8-1)
  5. Cincinnati (9-0)
  6. Michigan (8-1)
  7. Michigan State (8-1)
  8. Oklahoma (9-0)
  9. Notre Dame (8-1)
  10. Oklahoma State (8-1)
  11. Texas A&M (7-2)
  12. Wake Forest (8-1)
  13. Baylor (7-2)
  14. BYU (8-2)
  15. Ole Miss (7-2)
  16. NC State (7-2)
  17. Auburn (6-3)
  18. Wisconsin (6 -3)
  19. Purdue (6 -3)
  20. Iowa (7-2)
  21. Pittsburgh (7-2)
  22. San Diego State (8-1)
  23. UTSA (9-0)
  24. Utah (6-3)
  25. Arkansas (6-3)