Some television series will ask several questions, answer those questions and then ask a new slew of questions. But “Loki” decided to take a different path for its fourth episode, one that brought us back into the main storyline of the show. Questions were raised, but answers were hard to come by. And now we wait, again, to find out what’s really going on.

Like Loki masterminding a massive trick, “Loki” continues to layer questions on questions, weaving answers throughout in a way that’s too hard to see.

The latest episode — titled “The Nexus Event” — reveals that the Time Variance Authority has captured Loki and Sylvie after they create a nexus event (a separate timeline off the sacred timeline). Now back in the custody of the TVA, Loki and Sylvie wait out their sentence as they try to hatch a plan to escape.

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From there, we see the impact of Loki on Agent Mobius, who searches for answers about the true intentions of the TVA. And we see Sylvie and Hunter B-15 work through their own issues, as the two try to overcome their differences.

It’s not until the end of the episode — which is full of tension and suspense-building moments — that everything goes haywire. Some characters are evaporated. Others are taken into custody. Variants are vanquished. It’s just a wild 50-minute episode that will leave your jaw-dropping. Seriously. I can’t remember how many times my jaw literally dropped and how close I came to truly shedding a tear.

At the same time, the episode left us waiting with bated breath. There are so many questions about the Time Keepers, the TVA, the Variants, Mobius, Loki, Sylvie and everyone on this show. We thought we reached an ending of sorts with getting some answers. But alas, this show spawned its own separate timeline with new questions and concerns. We know so little about what’s truly going on or how anything works.

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The first episode of “Loki” pretty much gave us answers right away. The show told us about the world we were in, how it operated and what we needed to know. Like any good television show, “Loki” presented its answers upfront. But like the Loki character, those answers weren’t really what they seemed. They were the answers that the showrunners wanted us to know. The showrunners gave us an idea of the reality they wanted us to see. But the real goals of our characters — and the truth about the TVA, the Time Keepers and all the characters on the show — are deeper than we thought. There’s so much going on here than we know already.

And I’m here for it, and I’m sure a lot of fans are, too. Marvel has a way of asking questions and delivering answers, but the way Marvel does it differs from show to show. “WandaVision” asked several questions at the beginning of the series and slowly revealed the answers. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” told us the show’s ending (Falcon becoming Captain America), we just had to see how we got there. But “Loki” has given us answers, but then reshuffled the deck to show us the answers weren’t answers at all — they were fake answers.

I don’t know what’s next for “Loki.” Truly, I am at a loss. The deck has been reshuffled so much that I’m not even sure what cards are left. But “Loki” — like the god of mischief himself — has a trick up its sleeve. And there’s no doubt that the hidden truths will become clear in due time.