As is at least somewhat customary for Olympians, especially ones who have success at the Games, MyKayla Skinner received a hero’s welcome at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona on Wednesday night upon returning from Tokyo, Japan.

Skinner, who won the silver medal in the individual vault finals after replacing teammate Simone Biles, was greeted by a sizable contingent of family and friends, as shown by 12 News.

“So excited,” Skinner told reporter Rachel Cole of the homecoming. “I mean, I kind of expected it, so when I was off the plane I was like, ‘Try not to cry,’ but it’s just so fun to see everybody here, all the love and support.

“I could feel it out on the floor in the competition day, so it’s just been so awesome to have everybody here supporting me throughout the years.”

Inside MyKayla Skinner’s unusual road to the Olympics

Skinner quipped that she wasn’t charged extra money to carry her medal home, but that her bag got checked.

“I’m like, ‘You can’t touch that. It’s my Olympic medal,’” she said.

While Skinner’s competition career is over, she’ll still be busy with gymnastics in the near future, as she’ll be participating with other Olympians in the Gold Over America Tour, which will begin Sept. 21 in Tucson of her home state.