Post Malone recently described his experience living in Utah as opposed to living in Los Angeles, the hub of the entertainment industry, in an interview with Billboard magazine.

What he said: “Here, there are very few distractions,” he said of Utah.

  • Malone said he is allowed to dream about what he wants to do with his career. He’s also allowed to think about what he expects in the future — a life away from music.
  •  “A ranch and solar panels, or a hydro-powered living situation,” he said. “Kicking it, nothing to do. … I’ve made music for years and years, and down the line, I just want to relax and enjoy the simple things. Be like a kid again. Have no responsibilities and everything is handled: your kids, your family, everybody is set and doesn’t need to worry, so you can just play games and play in the tall grass.”
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New album: In the same interview, Malone said that he has a new album on the way, titled “twelve carat toothache,” per Consequence Sound.

  • The album will be about 45 minutes, which is his shortest album to date.
  • “Trying to shove 20 to 25 songs, it doesn’t work,” he said. “Talking to the label (it’s like), ‘Oh, if you have less songs, you’re not going to stream as much,’ but the whole thing is that you don’t want to compromise your art and your gut vibe on anything.”

Some Settebello to go: Post Malone, who has been spending the pandemic making food at his home, stopped by Settebello in Salt Lake City at the end of November, offering a generous tip for the server, as I reported for the Deseret News.