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You can now earn points for a Delta flight while buying Starbucks

Delta and Starbucks announced a rewards partnership, here’s how to sign up and why they did it

SHARE You can now earn points for a Delta flight while buying Starbucks

Delta Air Lines and Starbucks launch a loyalty partnership that was announced Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022.

Business Wire via Associated Press

Starbucks and Delta Air Lines announced a partnership on Wednesday that will link rewards accounts. Now, members of Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks Rewards can earn one mile for every dollar spent at Starbucks and earn double Stars when purchasing Starbucks on days they travel on Delta flights, according to a press release.

The new partnership program is also offering a bonus of 150 stars and 500 miles if members link their accounts before Dec. 31.

The vice president of Starbucks loyalty strategy and marketing, Ryan Butz, said the partnership is bringing together “two of the country’s most celebrated loyalty programs” and that the company is excited to embark on this new program.

Why did Delta and Starbucks partner up?

According to USA Today, the partnership with Delta is part of Starbucks’ program, Starbucks Reward Together. This program aims to increase awareness and grow the Starbucks rewards through partnering with well-known leading brands’ loyalty programs.

Starbucks is expected to announce more loyalty program partnerships, Axios reported.

How can I link my Delta and Starbucks rewards accounts?

To link both rewards accounts, visit either deltastarbucks.com or starbucksdelta.com.

Are the benefits of Starbucks Rewards and DeltaSkyMiles available only to new customers?

According to Axios, the benefits are available to both existing and new members. Links to both programs are provided on the partnership site.

How are people reacting to the Delta and Starbucks Rewards partnership?

Several people are excited to hear about the new rewards program and its benefits. From the feedback, it sounds like this partnership could really be a beneficial incentive for customers.

Others are voicing criticism towards the two companies for partnering with each other because of their shared history of “union-busting.”