It’s been three weeks since Zach Wilson lost his starting quarterback job with the New York Jets, when coach Robert Saleh laid out why a “reset” was needed for the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

During that time, Wilson has been the team’s No. 3 quarterback and inactive on game days. 

The Jets, who are in the thick of the playoff race, have gone 1-2 with Mike White under center, though the team has seen improved offensive numbers in that stretch.

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White has been limited in practice this week with a ribs injury, though he told reporters Thursday there’s no doubt he’ll play Sunday when New York hosts the Detroit Lions.

Wilson’s role, meanwhile, has changed: Saleh said the former BYU quarterback will be the backup for this week’s game, a role veteran Joe Flacco has filled the past three weeks.

Wilson met with reporters on Wednesday and talked about what his situation has been like the last few weeks, his thoughts on being elevated into the backup role, and whether he believes he’ll play again this season, with four weeks left before the playoffs.

What has Zach Wilson learned from his ‘reset’ period?

“I’ve been able to take advantage of the scout team reps and you guys understand why those are so valuable. We have an amazing defense, me being able to go against those guys with unscripted looks or things that are a little unfamiliar and try to make it our own has been good for me. 

“It’s frustrating, you’d like to be out there. But you’ve got to control what you can control and now it’s how can I put myself in the best position to help this organization and this team, taking it a day at a time.”

How has he approached getting benched mentally? 

“The biggest thing for me mentally was finding the fun in football. I love this game, and it definitely wasn’t lost, but I think you guys felt the frustrations over some of those rough games. I love this game — I would play it for free.

“It’s going out there and just enjoying it with the guys, and every single play just enjoying being out there and being grateful to be here.”

What can Zach Wilson learn from watching Mike White?

“I’m trying to put myself in his position on every single play — the good, the bad, the ugly, whatever it is.

“He’s done a good job being decisive, getting the ball out of his hands, and he’s been accurate. There’s been a lot of cool learning experiences.” 

What’s it been like watching someone else in his starting position?

It’s a learning experience, and there’s different ways to look at it. You can sit there and be pissed off and make excuses, or you gotta flip the script and be like, ‘You know, I need to improve. I need to see what he’s doing, I need to look from a different perspective. What is he doing that I can add to my game?’

“It’s cool to have two different perspectives, because it’s going to help you get to where you want to go quicker.”

What was his reaction to being elevated to the backup position?

“Obviously excited, because I have been trying to take advantage of the last couple weeks. The mindset and mentality should stay the same.”

Would he be ready to step in if needed?

“Absolutely. That’s my job as a quarterback is that I’m always ready to go and put this team in the best position possible.”

Does he see himself playing again this season?

“I hope so, but that’s not up to me. It’s control what you can and having that mindset of each and every day attacking the day and get after it, try to improve.  

“... I have to have short-term memory right now and control what I can. For me, whenever that number’s called, whether it’s this year or next year, I need to attack every day as if I’m trying to get better every single day, spend time with the guys, cherish those relationships.”

Does Zach Wilson still believe he’s the QB of the future for the Jets?

“Yeah, I definitely believe in myself. Of course I have all the confidence in the world, that’s how it should be. But you’ve got to be able to prove that.”