Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for “Moon Knight.”

“Moon Knight” — the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project on Disney+ — may require a second viewing.

Why it matters: “Moon Knight” is a big new project for Marvel that is expected to last six episodes. This might be one of the few Marvel shows that requires a second viewing to understand all of its parts.

What to know: I recently interviewed “Moon Knight” showrunner Mohamed Diab about what to expect from the show.

  • When I asked Diab about a specific plot point (which I won’t spoil here) in the show, he deflected answering the question directly.
  • Instead, he hinted that there might be aspects of the show that will make more sense the second time around.

What he said: “I want you to join the journey the way it is. If I give up anything, I would be doing you a disservice because I want you to enjoy the journey as much as it is,” he told me.

  • “But I want to tell you that this is one of the shows — and Oscar [Isaac] said a couple of times — that you are going to enjoy even the second time around.”

The bigger picture: “Moon Knight” tells the story of Steven Grant, who learns that he has dissociative identity disorder and a second personality by the name of Marc Spector.

  • As Disney+ explained in a press release, the two personalities team up to fight the villainous Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who has his own take on how the world should end.

“Moon Knight” premieres on Disney+ beginning March 30.