Oreo is known for their countless array of wild flavors (ahem, Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi?), but this collaboration may take the cake for the craziest combination yet. Oreo and Ritz have combined forces and created a limited edition cookie-cracker sandwich perfect for sweet ’n salty lovers.

Why it matters: The new treat is an assortment of unique flavors, being “one part cracker and another part cookie, joined together by a layer of peanut-butter-flavored creme and another layer of cookie creme,” according to CNN Business.

  • Mondelēz International, the company that owns both brands, is giving away the “Ritz x Oreo” starting Thursday, May 26, at noon EDT through a special website, reports CNN Business.

What they’re saying: Oreo tweeted Tuesday that there will only be 1,000 packs given away, so you better act fast if you want in on this sweet and salty creation.

Details: A $3.95 shipping fee will be charged to those who snag a free box.

  • This is the first collaboration between Oreo and Ritz, “despite both products being under the corporate umbrella of Mondelēz International since 2012,” reports Let’s Eat Cake.