Pennsylvania is holding a recount in the GOP Senate primary between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick, according to Fox News.

Who is in the lead? Oz is technically in the lead, but only by less than a thousand votes as of Wednesday, Fox stated.

  • By Pennsylvania law, if the victory margin is less than or equal to .5% of the vote, a recount must take place.
  • Pennsylvania Secretary of State Leigh M. Chapman issued the recount on Wednesday. The unofficial numbers showed 419,365 (31.21%) votes for Oz, and 418,463 (31.14%) votes for McCormick, per the Pennsylvania Pressroom.

When will we know who won? The recount can begin on Friday, but no later than June 1.

Did Dr. Oz win the Pennsylvania primary? Here’s the latest
So what happened to Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania primary?
  • Counties must complete the recount by noon on June 7, and submit the results by noon on June 8, the state’s website continued.
  • It is estimated that this recount will cost more than $1 million of taxpayer funds.

A contentious election: The recount could lead to potential lawsuits, The New York Times stated. McCormick filed a lawsuit on Monday, demanding that undated mail-in ballots be counted in the primary race.

The bottom line: The winner of the Republican race will face the Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in November, who won the party’s Senate race from a hospital bed after suffering a stroke. Republicans hope to win and capture the Senate majority, according to CNN.