As the kids say: let’s get this (free) bread!

Subway announced it is giving away free sandwiches to promote its new menu.

The new menu, known as the “Subway Series,” includes 12 new signature sandwiches, divided into four categories with three sandwiches each: Cheesesteaks, Italianos, Chicken and Clubs, as I previously reported.

Starting Tuesday, July 12, the company is giving away up to 1 million six-inch subs between 10 a.m. and noon at participating locations. Customers can choose from any of the 12 new sandwich combinations, according to the company’s press release. The new sandwiches that will be available are:

  • Cheesesteaks: The Philly, The Outlaw and The Monster.
  • Italianos: Supreme Meats, Bella Mozza and The Boss.
  • Chicken: The MexiCali, The Great Garlic and The Champ.
  • Clubs: All-American Club, Subway Club and Turkey Cali Club.
Subway just had a really big menu transformation

Subway’s press release states that the new subs offer “... complementary flavors and an expertly crafted balance of proteins, cheese, sauces and fresh vegetables designed to maximize taste and crave.”

Subway believes its new predetermined flavors will help to encourage “... fans across America to try the best sandwich they’ve never created,” according to its press release.

If you can’t wait until July 12 to try out one of the new sandwiches, you can get 15% off any footlong now through July 11 when you order pick up or delivery in the Subway app or online with the promo code 15OFF, per Subway’s official site.

Subway is making some changes to its menu (and yes, it’s keeping the tuna)