The “catfishing” saga involving former Notre Dame Fighting Irish football star Manti Te’o will now be the subject of a documentary on Netflix.

On Tuesday, a trailer was released for “The Girlfriend That Didn’t Exist,” which will detail the months in 2012 that saw Te’o become one of the best players in all of college football despite experiencing the deaths of his grandmother and girlfriend on the same night.

Except, as followers of the story will remember, that girlfriend (“named” Lennay Kekua) never actually existed, as Te’o was “catfished.”

The documentary, which debuts on Aug. 16, will be part of Netflix’s “Untold” series. According to a story by Sports Illustrated’s Zach Koons on Tuesday, it will be a two-part show.

The trailer shows that Te’o will appear. According to Koons, Naya Tuiasosopo, the person responsible for the hoax, will also make an appearance.

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Te’o played last season with the Chicago Bears but is now a free agent.

Last year, ESPN also produced a show detailing the story.