Mickey Mantle is breaking records again. Well, his baseball card is. A rare 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card in near-mint condition is auctioning for $10 million.

Card dealer Alan Rosen sold Anthony Giordano the card and said that the card is “in my estimation the finest known example in the world,” per The Washington Post.

PSA Authentication and Grading Services claims the card is one of only three known copies that received the highly preserved and valuable Mint 10 status, according to The Washington Post.

The auction for the card closes Aug. 27 and will shatter the record for the highest price paid for a card at an auction. A 1909 Honus Wagner card was sold last year and previously held the record at $6.6 million, according to ESPN.

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What baseball card had the previous highest-selling bid?

This is also hardly the first time a Mickey Mantle baseball card has made headlines. When Giordano purchased the card in 1991, it broke the sports card record selling price at the time, per men’s lifestyle publication HiConsumption.

Giordano considers himself a big fan of the New York Yankees switch-hitting center fielder. Mantle won seven World Series titles during his career, and in 1974, he was inducted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, per Forbes.

Mantle died in 1995 after a battle with liver cancer, but his 14-year career with the Yankees was unforgettable.

“Every time he got up to the plate, the crowd would go crazy, the roars would be there. And he never disappointed you. ... He had that aura about him,” Giordano told The Associated Press.

Although Giordano is a fan, he figured it was time for someone else to enjoy the card now.

“It’s the right thing to do,” he told ESPN. “My boys and I have had the cards for over 30 years, and we’ve enjoyed it. We’ve enjoyed showing anybody that’s close to me — friends and relatives — and I think it’s time for someone else.”

Mickey Mantle baseball card in pop culture

A Mickey Mantle baseball card was part of an episode of “Superstore,” pictured in a 2021 episode. | Trae Patton, NBC

On NBC’s “Superstore,” a Mickey Mantle card played a role in a pivotal joke in Season 4 Episode 20, “#Cloud9Fail.”

Floor worker Glenn Sturgis asks fellow floor workers Cheyenne and Mateo if some of his memorabilia items would be worth anything.

Cheyenne: “What about these baseball cards? Mickey Mantle. Wasn’t he someone?”

Glenn: “I’ve never really been a fan of men’s baseball.”

Mateo: “This is from the first year he ever played before he was even famous.”

Glenn: “Oh. Well it was worth a shot.”

Sturgis then tosses the valuable collectible item into the trash. Later in the episode, a visiting employee from the corporate office notices the card in the trash and sneaks it out on her way out of the store.

According to ESPN, Atlantic City will host the card on display until Sunday at the National Sports Collectors Convention and the New York office of Heritage Auctions will host a display with the card the following week.

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