Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has become one of the most prominent Republicans in the country, due to his “combative” relationship with the press and his stance against the Biden administration, according to Business Insider.

Vanity Fair reports that DeSantis is a possible GOP candidate in 2024, and some Republicans view him as a better option than former President Donald Trump.

Who is Ron DeSantis?

Native to Jacksonville, DeSantis has been governor of Florida since 2019. He studied at Yale and Harvard Law and then worked as a U.S Navy prosecutor.

In 2007, DeSantis was deployed to Iraq and served as a legal adviser before being honorably discharged in 2010. According to The Guardian, he was elected as the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 6th District in 2012.

Why do Republicans like DeSantis?

DeSantis has been referred to as a “mini-Trump,” according to The Guardian. He is seen as more palatable and more electable, because he has less of a temper and a “less turbulent past.”

According to Vanity Fair, the Florida governor has managed to have a good relationship with conservative media. DeSantis has been endorsed by popular conservatives such as Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones and Rod Dreher, and media outlets like Fox News.

DeSantis has become admired by Republicans, due to his extreme conservative views and ability to implement them in Florida. The governor signed a bill in March that banned teachers in Florida from having classroom discussions about sexual orientation or gender identity, according to NPR.

The New York Times reported that many Trump voters are defecting to DeSantis. Former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz told the Times, “I had a guy here in Utah who just came up to me and said, ‘DeSantis 2024.’ That doesn’t happen in Utah.”

Additionally, many Americans want a new option for the White House. The Hill reports that most Americans don’t want Trump or President Joe Biden to run in 2024.

Will DeSantis run in 2024?

Business Insider reports DeSantis is up for reelection this year and hasn’t voiced plans to run for president. Supporters of DeSantis have been expecting him to run for the White House despite what Trump decides to do, per The Guardian.

Despite not declaring running for president in 2024, DeSantis seems to be building a political brand and is hitting the campaign trail to support Trump endorsed candidates, according to NewsNation.