The sequel to the Marvel hit “Black Panther” will be released this November, but after actor Chadwick Boseman’s death, his character will not be in the film. Instead, in the sequel, the character T’Challa will have passed away and the film will find a way to honor Boseman, according to The Direct.

Why was Chadwick Boseman’s character T’Challa not recast?

In an interview with Empire, Marvel Studio’s President Kevin Feige shared that it felt like it was “much too soon to recast.”

Boseman passed away at the age of 43 of colon cancer in 2020. His death was a shock to many fans since he didn’t reveal his illness to the public, according to CNN.

“The world is still processing the loss of Chad,” Feige told Empire. Instead of recasting, the film will cover the loss of T’Challa.

Marvel VP Nate Moore explained the decision to not recast the role in November 2021, sharing that after a conversation, executives felt that “much of T’Challa in the MCU on the screen ... is tied to Chadwick’s performance.”

What does Boseman’s family think about the choice to not recast?

In 2021, Boseman’s brother Derrick Boseman expressed his support for the role being recast. According to People, Derrick wanted audiences to still be inspired by the character and felt his brother understood the character was “bigger than himself.”

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