Lionsgate has shared a first look at the film adaptation of the Judy Blume novel, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” The movie is slated to hit theaters April 28.

The 1970s coming-of-age novel follows Margaret, an 11-year-old girl who faces big changes when her family moves from New York City to the New Jersey suburbs. According to the synopsis, Margaret is “going through the messy and tumultuous throes of puberty with new friends in a new school,” per People magazine.

Margaret is the child of an interfaith marriage — her mother is Christian and her father is Jewish. She struggles with her own relationship with religion and often asks God for help getting through adolescence.

Stars in the movie include Rachel McAdams, Abby Ryder Fortson and Kathy Bates, reports Entertainment Weekly. The film is directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, who is known for directing the 2016 movie, “The Edge of Seventeen.”

“I was and still am a die-hard Judy Blume fan,” Craig said, per Entertainment Weekly. “It was one of those experiences as a kid where you just are like, ‘Someone gets me now. I need to read absolutely everything this person does because somebody out there sees me.’ It was like she had a little window into my very personal, complicated thoughts and feelings and desires, and was putting it all down in print.”

Lionsgate posted a sneak peek of the movie and cast members on Instagram on Tuesday with the caption, “The wait is almost over — the book you remember is now the movie to love.”