The Voice” has a new champion. During a two-hour finale Tuesday night, the show revealed the Season 24 winner who will claim the $100,000 prize and a record deal.

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Who won ‘The Voice’ Season 24?

Huntley, a 33-year-old singer from Fredericksburg, Virginia, has won Season 24. The rock singer had been a favorite to win from the start, when he wowed all four coaches with his performance of The Black Crowes’ “She Talks to Angels.”

“As I said in a past episode, I went from a park bench to the ‘The Voice.’ Now I went from a park bench to a winner of ‘The Voice,’ Huntley said, per NBC4 Washington.

Although he cruised through each round of the competition, he remained humble about his talent — a quality “Voice” coach John Legend noticed immediately.

“It sounds like you’ve been on big stages before, so to look at you being so humble and shocked by all of us turning for you is kind of amazing to me,” Legend said following Huntley’s audition, per the Deseret News. “Your voice sounds so ready, it’s so ready for the world, ready for the radio. And truly one of the best voices we’ve heard.”

Huntley previously said he would be “shocked” if he were to win.

“If I won the show, it would feel like I did the impossible because at this point, it’s the luck of the draw,” Huntley, the only male singer left in the competition, told Parade after the first part of the finale Monday night. “Look at the artists … did you hear the show? That was intense. I’m sitting up here with these really strong ladies. ... But I think if I won, ... I think I would be shocked, kind of like how I look every single time I’m up there.”

Now, Huntley has secured $100,000 and a record deal.

“I think that my main concern is to take a step back and just breathe and just really take everything in,” he told Entertainment Tonight following his victory. “This experience has taken half a year. I’ve spent six months away from my kids — my son is speaking in full sentences now. It’s insane.

“But this has all been so worthwhile,” Huntley continued. “I just want my career. I’m so hungry for this... John (Legend) said he can see me singing in arenas around the world and that’s something I’m very hungry for. Y’all are not getting rid of me!”

Huntley’s victory marks back-to-back wins for coach Niall Horan. The former One Direction member won his inaugural season of “The Voice” earlier this year with singer Gina Miles.

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Who was the runner-up on ‘The Voice’ 2023?

Ruby Leigh, a 16-year-old yodeling sensation from a town of 68 in Missouri, finished as runner-up, with Mara Justine rounding out the top three.

Who is Huntley on ‘The Voice’ 2023?

Per his official bio on “The Voice” website, music has long been a part of Huntley’s life — at the age of 4, he was impersonating Elvis Presley. Ten years later, Huntley was walking home from school when a friend overheard him singing and encouraged him to pursue music.

Partway through college, the singer moved to Nashville to try to make it in the industry but didn’t find the success he’d hoped for. He ended up returning to his Virginia home and, over the years, gradually worked toward becoming a full-time musician, the Deseret News reported. He’s been a booking agent for musicians since 2022, and now gigs five times a week all over Virginia.

The singer released his debut single, “Holdin’ On,” last year, Hollywood Life reported.

Watch Huntley’s performances on ‘The Voice’

Blind audition — ‘She Talks to Angels,’ The Black Crowes

Battles — ‘Hold My Hand,’ Hootie & The Blowfish

Knockouts — ‘Wanted Dead or Alive,’ Bon Jovi

Playoffs — ‘Daylight,’ David Kushner

Top 12 — ‘With a Little Help From My Friends,’ Joe Cocker rendition

Top 9 — ‘Way Down We Go,’ Kaleo

Top 5/finale — ‘Higher,’ Creed

When does the new season of ‘The Voice’ air?

Season 25 of “The Voice” premieres Feb. 26, per American Songwriter. Coaches for the upcoming season are Reba McEntire, Legend, Dan + Shay and Chance the Rapper.