McDonald’s doesn’t operate like a regular fast-food corporation. With over 38,000 locations in over 100 countries, the chain prides itself on two things — uniformity and cultural awareness.

The latter is evident in its menus in other countries, whether it's replacing the famous Big Mac with a pork burger in Thailand or offering a larger variety of vegetarian options in India.

Here is a look at unique menu items specific to other countries.


This menu item made its U.S. debut in the ’70s, featuring noodles topped with marinara sauce and meatballs and garnished with cheese. McSpaghetti suffered the fate of being discontinued a decade later, but it's still available to buy in the Philippines, where it is served with a side of crispy, golden brown chicken.

Cream-filled pancakes

Golden and crispy on the outside and creme-filled on the inside, this menu item is a specialty in Italy.

Shrimp snack wrap

This menu item, available in Korea, contains crispy shrimp, grilled vegetables, lettuce and Thai sauce, wrapped in a wheat tortilla.


Fries, gravy and cheese curds — this menu item is a specialty in Canada, where poutine is the national dish. It debuted at McDonald’s in 2013 and created a new way to enjoy fries.

Chicken porridge with preserved egg

The Chinese menu item, featured in the breakfast section, features rice that is boiled until it becomes porridge. It is served with a preserved egg and chicken — a healthy way to start the day.

Mexican McAloo Tikki

Don’t let the name confuse you. Available in India, McDonald’s offers the Aloo Tikki Patty, a spiced potato-and-pea combo, between a tandoori mayo sauce, jalapeños, onion shreds and tomato slices.

Cheese pie

This filled pastry offers a sweet and creamy experience at McDonald’s locations in Mexico. It comes in two flavors: apple and cheese.

McMuffin cottage cheese and radish

The Polish menu item, which was released in 2019, sandwiches cottage cheese, radish and arugula between a wheat bun.