Ted Lasso, the quintessential nice guy of sitcoms, has inspired an ice cream flavor from the company Jeni’s: “Biscuits with the Boss.”

The Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso” is about an American football coach turned British soccer team coach. Lasso, the main character, is played by Jason Sudeikis and despite not having experience, he’s hired as the coach of AFC Richmond. The show is a comedy that portrays Lasso as a charming, nice guy who wins the team over.

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Along with his personality, Lasso is known for his biscuits that he bakes throughout the show. Mind you, this isn’t the type of biscuit that Americans will think of upon hearing the term. This type of biscuit is more like a shortbread cookie than it is a biscuit that people would eat with gravy.

His ice cream flavor plays off of those biscuits.

What does the Ted Lasso ice cream taste like?

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream collaborated with “Ted Lasso” to create this flavor. CNET describes it as having a buttery ice cream as the base with crumbled up pieces of shortbread cookies.

The ice cream flavor is based on the biscuits that Lasso bakes every morning in the show. A writer at CNBC tried the ice cream and said that one of the predominant flavors of the ice cream was the butter. He also appreciated the texture that the shortbread crumbs added to the ice cream.

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How to try Ted Lasso ice cream

The flavor will be available for purchase on Thursday at noon MST. According to Jeni’s website, you can enter your email to stay in the loop on how to order the ice cream.

It will likely cost $12, as Jeni’s ice cream pints are typically that price.

‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 release date

The next season of “Ted Lasso” will release on March 15 on Apple TV+, according to the Deseret News. There have been some hints that the third season will be the last, but nothing has been said definitively about that.