Dairy Queen, home of the famous Blizzard, will be offering free ice cream cones to patrons to celebrate the start of spring. On Monday, you can get a free ice cream cone.

These ice cream cones will be the chain’s small vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone, per Dairy Queen’s website. If you’re craving “the iconic curl,” you can start off your spring by having a cone.

Dairy Queen has a new full Blizzard menu for the fall season. Let’s take a look at it

When is free ice cream cone day?

Free ice cream cone day is on March 20, according to Dairy Queen’s website. There’s a limit of one per person.

How to get a free ice cone from Dairy Queen?

All you have to do is visit a participating Dairy Queen location and order the free ice cream cone, according to Taste of Home. The promotion may not be available at every Dairy Queen location, so it’s important to check with your local franchise before you order it.

New menu items at Dairy Queen

There are some menu items that were added to Dairy Queen recently. The chain’s website said that it’s added a mint brownie blizzard (fans of the BYU brownie and the shamrock shake alike will be delighted), a churro dipped cone and a chicken, fries and onion rings basket (only available at the grill & chill locations).