Got a trip to the airport in your future? Try these inexpensive gadgets to make that travel time a little more enjoyable and stress-free.

More than two million people are expected to take a flight each day during March and April. Airline Weekly reports it’s a 1% increase in passengers from 2019, but airlines are scheduling 10% fewer flights. If doing the math on that stresses you out, try these gadgets and the app that may release some tension.

Have the right gear

First up, alleviate the fear of leaving something behind in that seat back pocket in front of you on a plane. Plus, these organizers help you keep all the essentials within easy reach during a flight. The Commuter Special from So Mine Products is durable with plenty of pockets for earphones, chargers, hand sanitizer and other necessities. Slide the flap into the pocket of the seat in front of you for easy access. It has a slim profile so other people can still scoot by you and it comes in two colors.

For a little more fashionable, yet pricier option, check out the fun colors for the Béis Seatback Organizer. It has two small pockets and a long zipper one. Reviewers loved having things like lip balm and gum close without having to dig into a big bag. Of course, you could use these in a car as well, or anywhere you want to keep items within reach and avoid reaching into a mystery pocket.

How about the dreaded surprise of not having an entertainment system built into the headrest in front of you on your next flight? Just grab your phone and snap it into this mount from Perilogics that clicks right on to the tray table for easy airplane viewing. It rotates all directions and folds up for a small addition to your carry-on. It can clip on to your luggage for video conferencing and viewing while waiting for your flight as well.

Even better, bundle it for a discount with the company’s cupholder that slides on to the handle of your luggage. It has two storage compartments, or use the larger area with its butterfly clasp to hold any container up to 64 ounces. The pockets can hold anything you need to be easily accessible like your phone, snacks or travel documents.

Use Google Maps in the airport

And don’t turn off Google Maps once you reach the airport. Use the tool normally reserved for roadways to easily navigate your way around the airport. Type in the airport name and tap it. Then under the photos, tap on Directory and choose from the following categories: airlines, food and drink, shopping, lounges, transport, ATMs, services and parking.

A couple of helpful features include seeing restaurants at-a-glance to spot price points and hours. Also, easily find what types of stores are nearby, like a toy store or jewelry boutique for that last-minute gift. Make sure to tap walking directions to know the accurate amount of time it will take you to hoof it to your desired destination.

Plus you can use Live View, which actually understands your orientation within a building and gives pop-up directions as you point your camera the direction you’re headed. It can help you find the nearest elevator, baggage claim or restroom. It places arrows and directions right on your screen as you hold up your phone to point the way.

To use Live View on either Android or iOS phones, tap where you are on Google Maps. Then tap Directions and make sure you’re in Walking mode. Tap Live View in the bottom center of the screen and lift your phone up in front of you to see the guidance.

You may have a fear of flying, but don’t be afraid of easy access to essentials or navigating huge airports. These gadgets and the smart use of Google Maps should put you at ease the next time you have to catch a flight.