Former Las Vegas Raiders tight end Foster Moreau underwent a physical that may have saved his life during a routine free agency visit with the New Orleans Saints earlier this month.

Following the physical, Moreau was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer that starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes, which are part of the immune system. It is most commonly found in early adulthood, especially in one’s 20s, according to the American Cancer Society.

The 25-year-old took to Twitter on March 22 to announce his diagnosis, sharing that he will be temporarily stepping away from football.

“Through somewhat of a miraculous process, this free agency period has been life changing for me,” he said. “During a routine physical conducted by the Saint’s medical team down in New Orleans, I’ve come to learn that I have Hodgkin’s lymphoma and will be stepping away from football at this time to fight a new opponent: Cancer.”

On The Adam Schefter Podcast, Moreau said the physical was his second in 24 hours after having visited with the Cincinnati Bengals before the Saints.

Moreau said the physical with the Bengals was a traditional football physical and that the doctor even said he was as “healthy as an ox.” The tight end noted that he doesn’t fault the Bengals doctor for not discovering the cancer.

Saints team physician Dr. John Amoss discovered Moreau’s inflamed lymph node and was shocked by how swollen it was. Moreau had noticed the lump about a month before the visit but delayed getting it checked out because he knew he would be undergoing physicals as part of free agency.

Amoss had Moreau undergo a CAT scan, which he sent to a radiologist. He then started educating Moreau on Hodgkin lymphoma before performing an on-site biopsy. Originally from New Orleans, Moreau went home to wait for the results with his family.

The biopsy came back positive.

“I was terrified,” he told Schefter about the moment when he first heard the words “Hodgkin lymphoma.”

Moreau told Schefter he was grateful his cancer was discovered in New Orleans, not Cincinnati, so he could be surrounded by his family.

He is also grateful that he didn’t sign with the Bengals that day, which would have reunited him with his college quarterback Joe Burrow. If he had, he would have never been diagnosed.

“I am a believer in God, and his timing his absolute,” he said.

After receiving his diagnosis, Moreau got in contact with a friend that had the disease in high school. The friend told him that he’ll “get through this” and “return to your life like it was never there.”

He plans on returning to football after he’s in remission and is in football shape again.

Moreau researched the impact the diagnosis would have on his playing career and learned that former Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry and Arizona Cardinals running back James Conner both had Hodgkin lymphoma and were able to return to football after seven to eight months.

“Thinking about being able to play this year, I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question, but I’d also say it’s not my main priority,” he said.

The tight end returned to New Orleans and underwent a PET scan on Thursday. He said the doctors believe they caught the cancer at an early stage but the exact stage of cancer won’t be known until Friday.

He plans on doing his treatment in New Orleans.