Ah, romance. If you believe TikTok, you can pick a mate — or reject one — using camera filters or simple math. And now, the moon comes into play.

Besides creating ocean tides and helping Earth’s magnetic field, a trend on TikTok says the moon’s a tool to figure out if your romance is a good one.

As TikTok challenges go, the “Moon Phase TikTok Trend” beats — and is less dangerous — than choking down a spoonful of dry cinnamon. And it’s less disgusting — and illegal — than licking ice cream in the freezer aisle and resealing the carton.

This one just purports to tell you if you and your soulmate really are soulmates.

It’s a little time-consuming but probably pretty benign. There are eight official moon phases. The trend looks at the moon the night you and your sweetheart were born, then has you overlap the images. Per the New York Post, the closer the result is to a full moon, the fuller the romantic potential.

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Britain’s HITC says that moon cycles have been used as symbols for other things — and that undergirds why TikTok has teens and young adults mooning over the moon phases and each other. Per the site:

  • Full moons indicate maturity.
  • A waxing gibbous moon indicates potential.
  • A waning gibbous moon means growth.

This new trend says compatible moon phases let sweethearts make up for each others’ weaknesses.

Dating also works to see if you’re compatible. Perhaps that’s a TikTok trend for the future.