Over the course of the last seven decades, David’s Bridal became a household name for bridal attire. Not only that, but the store’s prom dressing offerings were a popular and more affordable alternative to designer options that cost a pretty penny.

Earlier this month, the store filed for bankruptcy.

CEO James Marcum said the store was looking for a buyer, according to the Deseret News. The press release said shifts in bridal preferences, such as brides preferring more casual attire or looking for secondhand dresses, played a significant role in the company’s declining profits. CNN Business reported stores will stay open as of now, but if the company can’t find a buyer, it’s possible it will have to close down and liquidate.

Plunging marriage rates and more casual weddings push David’s Bridal into bankruptcy

Wedding dresses often have a high sticker price and David’s Bridal cornered the market as a national brand that had more reasonably priced gowns. The Knot said the average price of a wedding dress in 2022 was $1,900, with around 93% of brides buying new dresses for their big day.

The offerings at David’s Bridal are often well below that price — there are even dresses on the company’s website for less than $100. For a bride on a budget, a price in that range can be difficult to beat, but there are still some affordable alternatives for dresses.

Here are some places where you get an affordable wedding dress.


Amazon really does have almost everything at this point. You can find affordable wedding dresses on Amazon pretty easily, though the downside is you can’t try them on before buying them. Make sure to read the reviews and take your measurements before you purchase a dress from here. There are a lot of options at different price points. Amazon, as an aggregate of sellers, doesn’t have a predominant style.


Revolve has trendier wedding dresses at different price points with plenty of affordable options. If you’re looking to explore in colors beyond ivory and white, there are plenty of colorful dresses. These dresses tend to have more modern styles with sleeker silhouettes. The lowest-priced dress starts at $99.


For the boho bride, Anthropologie has a wedding dress section with some affordable options. If you’re looking to keep your dress in the range of $300 to $1,500, there are plenty of options here. There are flowing dresses as well as dresses with tulle skirts. They tend to stick to more traditional colors.


Similar to Amazon, Etsy has many different sellers, which means there are plenty of styles and price points for dresses. When you purchase a dress through Etsy, be sure to be in communication with the seller and read reviews to make sure you’re getting the ideal dress for you. Take your measurements beforehand, too.

JJ’s House

For brides looking to keep their dress in the range of under $100 to $500, JJ’s House has a lot of dress options. It offers boho, simple, ball gown, lace, elegant and mermaid style dresses. There is also a “Try Before Buy” program that you can look into, as well as an affordable custom size option where you input your measurements.


For customers interested in a more vintage boho style dress or a more casual wedding dress, Reformation has some great options. These dresses are good for a price range of $300 to $700. There are dresses with floral patterns and funky colors that would work for a bride interested in a nontraditional wedding dress.


Macy’s is a classic department store for a reason. It has plenty of wedding dresses for people interested in more mature and classic styles. If you go to buy a wedding dress here, you can expect to spend around $200 to $500 on one of the styles. Macy’s does frequently put its dresses on sale, so it could be good for a budget shopper.

Deseret Industries

While Deseret Industries (the beloved “D.I.”) may be your one stop shop for an old crock pot and some used books, it does frequently have wedding dresses that are priced well under $100 and could work for you. In my experience, the dresses here tend to be in the category of vintage modest, but you really never know what you’re getting here. It might be worth a try if you’re looking for a budget secondhand dress.


If you’re looking for a dress or a wedding jumpsuit priced in the $100s and $200s, ASOS might be the place for you. The styles here range from sleek and modern to flowing and boho, with plenty of pants suits and jumpsuits for the bride who may be interested in wearing them. ASOS also has an in-depth fit assistant, which may help you find the best size for you.