The latest episode of this season’s “Hard Knocks” focused mainly on quarterback Aaron Rodgers and New York Jets rookies — like wide receivers Xavier Gipson and Jason Brownlee — trying to make the 53-man roster.

Amidst all that, though, was another moment between the four-time NFL MVP Rodgers and the player he’s mentoring, Zach Wilson, the young starter-turned-backup in New York.

While Wilson, the former BYU and Corner Canyon quarterback, is expected to recede from the spotlight once the NFL reaches its regular season, Tuesday’s latest episode gave one look at the relationship between the two quarterbacks.

During the show’s third episode, Rodgers playfully ribbed Wilson about his signature apparel, a headband, to which Wilson replied, “I have to. I told you, it’s not a look thing. I literally sweat in my eyes and can’t see.” 

The latest episode harkened back to that moment, while Wilson gave Rodgers some grief about using wired headphones, as opposed to wireless earbuds.

“See, you thought everyone would be making fun of me for this, but instead they were making fun of your wired headphones you were wearing,” Wilson told Rodgers before practice, in reference to a photo of Rodgers wearing a pair of wired earbuds.

What followed was a classic case of banter between teammates.

Rodgers: “What, you mean the ones that are saving my brain from all the harmful EMF emissions?” 

Wilson: “I just think you haven’t upgraded with the times.”

Rodgers: “Like my uncle always says: you can’t fix stupid.”

Rodgers had the last laugh, at least according to the clip, taking the conversation back to Wilson’s headband.

“It’s a good look, though. I’m glad it keeps the sweat out of your eyes,” Rodgers said.

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Aaron Rodgers shows his leadership

Early in the episode, the show shared a portion of one practice where the Jets offense was particularly struggling. A visibly frustrated Rodgers went to work and rallied that side of the ball after a drive bogged down by penalties.

From there, the veteran QB opens up the lines of communication and rallies his offense, from wide receivers to offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, to get them working more effectively.

“There it is! I love it,” Hackett screams in an audio clip overlaying several Rodgers throws. 

Aaron Rodgers won’t be pushed around

During the Jets’ preseason finale against the rival New York Giants, Rodgers — seeing his first action as a Jet — took exception to the way Giants defender Jihad Ward made contact with him after Rodgers threw a pass.

“Show some respect, bro. C’mon, what the (expletive) is that?” Rodgers said. “Five damn steps (after the throw)? I don’t even know who you are, bro.”

Ward, in response, said in short, “I don’t know who you are.”

Later in the drive, Rodgers delivered a perfectly placed ball to wide receiver Garett Wilson for a touchdown pass, just before Ward got to him.

“Don’t ... poke the bear, bro,” Rodgers told Ward after the play. “I’ve never heard of you, bro. Never heard of you.”

Rodgers recalled that exchange to his teammates on the sideline.

“I gave him the line that’s un-comeback-with-able: I said, ‘I don’t even know who you are.’ He said, I don’t know who you are.’ I said, (expletive). Come on, now,’” Rodgers said.

Best one-liners

  • “Don’t retire anytime soon.” “Why would I want to?” — An exchange between Rodgers and a kid seeking an autograph.
  • “Soak it up, and then when it comes for your time to play, let it rip.” — Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich, instructing players to take advantage of their opportunities in the preseason finale.
  • “Welcome to JetLife Stadium.” — Rodgers, on his way to the locker room after the game at MetLife Stadium, after the Jets beat the Giants.

How to watch ‘Hard Knocks’

The 18th season of “Hard Knocks” continued Tuesday night with the fourth one-hour episode.

New episodes are released each Tuesday at 8 p.m. MDT, leading up to the season finale on Sept. 5. There will be five episodes in total.

HBO subscribers can watch episodes live on the channel. Those who are subscribed to HBO’s streaming service, Max, can also watch it live or find it to stream after 8 p.m. each Tuesday.