On Thursday night, Fox News spoke to former President Donald Trump's attorney regarding his legal team’s strategies going forward in the Georgia case, and MSNBC discussed President Joe Biden's proposed executive order to combat gun violence.

Fox News — Trump’s ‘not guilty’ move going forward

“Earlier today, former President Donald Trump waived his right to an in-person arraignment and pled not guilty,” Pete Hegseth said on “Hannity” Thursday night. “That means Trump has officially pled not guilty to all 91 alleged crimes in four jurisdictions.”

Trump legal spokeswomen Alina Habba explained what this means for the former president moving forward. Habba mentioned that she doesn’t think it comes as a surprise that Trump pleaded not guilty and waived his right for arraignment in person in order to reduce the media coverage.

Trump waives arraignment and pleads not guilty in Georgia election case. Here’s what’s next

“From here, we actually litigate the case,” Habba said, “Which, as an attorney, I look forward to. I know our legal team does as well to getting to take our own turn at looking at all of the information and our turn to put our side out, which is something everyone needs to remember has not happened as of yet.”

Habba said that the only information out is the four indictments.

Hegseth asked, “What do you anticipate for a timeline down in Atlanta, like how quickly are they going to try to push this in your sense, and how will you push back?

Habba replied that if Trump’s prosecutors could have it their way, “They would have all trials the same week. It’s unrealistic, it’s ridiculous and it’s obvious, so what I think is happening is the judges are going to have to fight it amongst themselves.”

Adding that, “You cannot have one defendant on multiple cases. ... Every single thing says so clearly Joe Biden doesn't know what he’s doing in office, so let’s distract America so that all we talk about is President Trump and these hoaxes, and that’s really all they are.”

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MSNBC — DOJ closing the ‘gunshow loophole’

Thursday night on “The Last Word,” Jonathan Capehart asked Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost, D-Fla., “What’s your reaction to the DOJ’s proposed rule closing the so-called gunshow loophole?”

Frost responded, “I’m extremely happy about the news. ... We’re not as far as we’d like to be, but this is a huge step forward, and when we talk about Democrats stepping into our power and using our power, this is what we’re talking about.”

Frost said this action will save lives as well as show Americans that the government can benefit them.

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He added, “This executive action and this direction that the president is giving to the ATF will essentially end the gunshow loophole. A loophole that gun violence prevention activists and the entire movement have been trying to end for a long time.”

Capehart mentioned that Frost is a part of the lockdown generation and asked, “What do you tell your generation about what is and isn’t being done in Congress?”

Frost said that he wonders every time a mass shooting happens if it’ll be enough for politicians to change their minds. “Will this be the one that pushes politicians who seem to care more about profits for the gun lobby than human lives and the lives of our children, and after every shooting, I continue to be disappointed,” he said.

Adding, “So no, I don't have faith in this current Republican-led United States Congress.”

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