Fall is almost here and many are looking for a last chance to enjoy the outdoors before the beginning of the winter activities. The perfect way to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall is by visiting a national park near you. All national parks will have free admittance this Saturday, Sept. 23. The waiver on the admission fee is due to the celebration of National Public Lands Day.

“National parks are really amazing places and we want everyone to experience them,” Chuck Sams, National Park Service director, told the National Parks website.

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When do national parks have free entrance?

National Public Lands Day is one of the five holidays in which the national parks are free for the public. The others are Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January; National Park Week in April; Great American Outdoors Day in August; and Veterans Day in November.

What is National Public Lands Day?

National Public Lands Day is a holiday celebrated every year on the fourth Saturday of September. It celebrates the connection between people and nature, being the largest day for volunteering. It’s a day to inspire people to be more involved with nature and use open spaces for education and recreation, per the National Park Service website.

This year’s theme — “30 Years of Care and Community” — is inspired by the 30th anniversary of National Public Lands Day. The National Park Service website invites all to “volunteer at a national park near you.”

How do you celebrate National Public Lands Day?

For those looking to celebrate this holiday, the National Park Service website created a list with suggestions of ways to make the most out of this holiday:

  • Visit a national park for free.
  • Volunteer at a park; some in-park projects may provide a coupon for free admittance on a future date.
  • Make the most of a day outdoors.
  • Learn how to protect national lands.
  • Share your favorite outdoor activity on social media with the National Park Service hashtags: #NPLD, #NPSVolunteer and #MyParkStory.

For more information on National Public Lands Day and how to get involved, visit the National Park Service website.