Millions of people have heard Loren Allred’s voice. The former Utahn provided the powerhouse vocals behind the smash hit song “Never Enough” from “The Greatest Showman.”

But, as Allred attested when she competed on the 2022 season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” very few know her face.

That’s because it was “Mission: Impossible  Rogue Nation” star Rebecca Ferguson who acted alongside Hugh Jackman in the film, lip-synching to Allred’s vocals on the powerful ballad, the Deseret News previously reported.

“You sang one of the biggest songs of all time,” “Britain’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell told Allred, who grew up in Utah and graduated from Cottonwood High School. “Why didn’t you get that big deal after the song?”

Discover Utah’s Loren Allred, the voice behind the hit song ‘Never Enough’ from 'The Greatest Showman' soundtrack
She’s the voice of this ‘Greatest Showman’ hit song. Now she wants people to know her face

“I was more comfortable singing behind the scenes,” Allred responded during that audition, which has 64 million views on YouTube. “But I feel kind of like the song was meant for me, and I’m kind of ready to put a face to the song. So I’m here to do that.”

Now, a year and a half after making it to the “Britain’s Got Talent” finals, Allred is once again competing in the “Got Talent” franchise.

This time she’s looking for a win.

Loren Allred competes on ‘America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League’

Allred is competing on “AGT: Fantasy League,” where the show’s four judges — Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel — have each drafted their dream team that consists of 10 acts from “AGT” over the years. Allred got picked for Cowell’s team, and made it to the semifinals with a performance of “Never Enough.”

In her audition clip, which so far has more than 3 million views on YouTube, the Brooklyn-based singer recalled how she was a 24-year-old waitress when she met the songwriters for “The Greatest Showman,” who asked her to come and sing the demo for “Never Enough.”

“I was so excited to just have my voice be in the film,” Allred said in her audition clip, which airs on NBC Monday night. “I felt so proud, because people were hearing my voice and that’s what I had dreamed of.”

Allred does receive full credit on “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack, the Deseret News reported. And the singer said Ferguson was “so gracious and vocal about praising (her) work.”

But over the years, Allred realized very few people knew she was the voice behind “Never Enough” — and she wanted that to change. So she started out by competing on “Britain’s Got Talent,” which she said was the “scariest thing” for her to do. In her first appearance on the the show, she earned a coveted golden buzzer and advanced immediately to the show’s semifinal round, the Deseret News reported.

“It just felt so validating,” Allred said with emotion. “It really was a dream come true.”

For “Fantasy Leagnue,” Allred brought an updated version to the stage. The 34-year-old singer said she wants to be on Broadway and put out her own albums, and hopes this new rendition will help her get there.

Based on reactions from the show’s judges and audience, Allred is moving in the right direction.

“I mean, how lucky are all of us right now that we got to witness this live right in front of our eyes,” Klum said. “It was just absolutely beautiful.”

“That was honestly spectacular,” Cowell added, noting that he believes Allred deserves a big break. “And to have that moment almost taken away from you and no one knows it was you and now you’ve got the guts to come back on this show and tell America ‘This is me,’ is so special.”

The performance landed Allred in the semifinals, where a total of 20 acts will compete for a spot in the finale.

Loren Allred performs in the ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ semifinals

For her semifinal appearance, which airs Jan. 29, Allred showed off her wide vocal range with a cinematic arrangement of “Over the Rainbow” that had all of the judges and audience on their feet — although it did come with some criticism, the Deseret News reported.

“Wow, wow, Loren, that was what I call a masterclass,” Cowell said in an early release video. “That’s how you do it.”

“I think I can speak for everyone in this room, but you were giving us all the feels,” Klum added. “You just sounded so beautiful.”

But not everyone was on board with the song selection. Although Mel B said Allred has “a voice that is just to die for, literally,” she added that she would’ve chosen a different song for the singer if she had been her mentor.

“I mean, you could sing absolutely anything,” she continued. “You could’ve had everybody in this audience crying.”

“Fantasy League” reveals Monday night if Allred is one of the acts that advances to the finale.

The top 10 acts will compete in the finale on Feb. 12, with a winner receiving a $250,000 grand prize on Feb. 19.

More on Loren Allred

Allred is no stranger to reality competition shows. Aside from “BGT” and “Fantasy League,” the singer appeared on “The Voice” in 2012 and got snagged by coach Adam Levine. She called her time on that show “mentally exhausting,” according to the Deseret News.

“It was an amazing experience, but for an introverted person it was ... just high anxiety all the time,” Allred said, adding how producers told her she didn’t act bubbly enough or didn’t believe she fit the persona they had in mind for her.

“BGT” was a different story.

“Being on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and seeing the response, just from my audition, compared to 10 years ago on ‘The Voice’ has been just a complete shift and a complete difference. And it’s really positive,” Allred previously told the Radio Times.

In 2019, Allred recorded a duet with Michael Buble and performed on select dates throughout Andrea Bocelli’s 2021 North American tour, the Deseret News reported. Following the success of her “BGT” run, Allred released her single “Last Thing I’ll Ever Need.”