There’s been a number of “America’s Got Talent” spinoffs, but the newest one comes with a twist — this time, the judges are competing against each other.

For “AGT: Fantasy League,” each of the four judges — Simon Cowell, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum — put together a dream team featuring 10 acts from the “Got Talent” franchise over the years.

Unlike regular “AGT” — which only allows golden buzzers during the first round — each judge gets one golden buzzer during both the opening round and semifinal round to either keep acts on their team or steal acts from other judges.

The top 10 acts will perform in a finale on Feb. 12, with “Fantasy League” declaring the winner of the $250,000 prize on Feb. 19.

Here’s a look at all of the acts (so far) that have made it to the finale.

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Who are the ‘America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League’ finalists?

Billy and Emily England — Mel B’s golden buzzer

Billy and Emily England, a rollerblading sibling duo, pulled out all the stops for their “AGT: Fantasy League” debut. The pair threw in some acrobatic tricks, knives and fire on top of their impressive rollerblading — prompting Mandel to call the siblings “one of the most dangerous, exciting, standout acts we’ve ever had in ‘Got Talent’ history,” the Deseret News reported.

Although the siblings entered the competition as part of Cowell’s dream team, judge Mel B gave them the coveted golden buzzer following their act — immediately sending them straight to the finale while also moving them to her team.

Rollerblades (!) knives (!!) fire (!!!) — ‘Dangerous’ sibling duo makes ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ finale

Sainted — Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer

Cowell was an immediate fan of Sainted, an ensemble that puts a gospel music twist to popular music, from the moment the act took the “AGT” stage for Season 18 last year. He was disappointed when the group got eliminated after the semifinal round and wanted to bring them back for a shot at redemption.

Guided by Cowell, Sainted set its sights on performing the Prince classic “Purple Rain” for “Fantasy League.” But the group from North Carolina ran into a major snag: “AGT” has to get clearance for many of the songs that are performed on the show, and “Purple Rain” — which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year — proved to be a hard one to get.

Sainted had to prepare two different songs just in case “Purple Rain” didn’t come through, but at the very last minute, Prince’s estate granted permission.

It led to a moving performance that Cowell said he would “never ever ever forget,” prompting him to hit his golden buzzer and secure the group’s spot in the finale.

Sofie Dossi — Heidi Klum’s golden buzzer

Sofie Dossi, a self-taught contortionist, was 14 the first time she performed on “AGT,” where she ended up as a Season 11 finalist. Now, at 22, Dossi is competing in “Fantasy League” as a member of Klum’s team.

Dossi’s skills initially stemmed from a discovery of a contortionist on YouTube, and over the years has evolved into her own YouTube channel that has nearly 10 million subscribers, and appearances on several TV shows. For her return to “AGT,” Dossi did a routine that included hanging from a ring of fire, doing contortions on a balance beam and shooting a flaming arrow at a target — with her feet.

The performance led Klum to hit her golden buzzer, keeping Dossi on her team and sending her straight through to the finale.

Ramadhani Brothers — Howie Mandel’s golden buzzer

The Ramadhani Brothers simultaneously wowed and terrified the “AGT” judges and audiences last season, making it all the way to the finals. Now, the head-balancing act has returned for “Fantasy League” as a member of Klum’s team — though their time with the judge was short-lived.

For their “Fantasy League” debut, the Ramadhani Brothers put together yet another gripping routine that started with one brother on the floor, using just his leg to hold up the other brother by the head.

And in case that wasn’t enough to convince the judges, one of the brothers proceeded to wear a blindfold as he walked up a series of steps while balancing the other brother on his head. But he didn’t stop there: After he descended the steps, he later took off the blindfold and walked up the steps backwards — with his brother still on his head.

The routine led Mandel to hit his golden buzzer, secure the Ramadhani brothers for his own team and sending them straight through to the finale.

Kodi Lee — Howie Mandel’s golden buzzer (semifinals)

Kodi Lee has the distinction of being the most viral “AGT” competitor — his audition in 2019, featuring a cover of Leon Russell’s “A Song For You,” got 430 million views on YouTube, the Deseret News reported. This time around, Lee is going a different route in the competition by performing original music.

His “Fantasy League” debut featured his original song, “Change,” and his appearance in the semifinals saw an emotional tribute to his mother that led Mandel to press the golden buzzer and move Lee from Cowell’s team to his team going into the finale.

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Aidan Bryant — Mel B’s golden buzzer (semifinals)

Aidan Bryant, a self-taught aerialist, is one of two acts in the finals (so far) that has already won an “AGT” title. Bryant was 18 when he won “AGT: All-Stars” in 2023, per Deseret News. Prior to that victory, the teenager made his “AGT” debut on Season 16, where he finished as the runner-up to magician Dustin Tavella in 2021.

Now, Bryant is competing on “Fantasy League” — and he’s looking for a second win. The aerialist, who went from honing his skills amid the COVID-19 lockdown to starring in a Vegas show, entered the competition as a member of Klum’s dream team.

For his “Fantasy League” debut, Klum encouraged him to do a routine that would pay homage to how it all started: practicing in his grandmother’s backyard.

With a massive tree as the centerpiece, Bryant’s high-flying routine received high praise from all of the judges — Cowell called it an Olympic-level performance. During the semifinal round, Bryant left Mel B “speechless,” leading the judge to hit her golden buzzer and steal Bryant from Klum’s team. The moment marked Bryant’s first golden buzzer during his years on “AGT.”

Pack Drumline

It’s been a little over a year since Pack Drumline appeared on “AGT” for the first time as a competitor on Season 17. Since then, the Chicago-based percussion group has performed extensively, including in Las Vegas and with the Chicago Bulls.

Now, the act has brought back its energetic drumline routines to “Fantasy League”— and they’re determined to go all the way as members of Cowell’s dream team.

Pack Drumline is the underdog of sorts in the “Fantasy League” competition — of the seven acts currently in the finals, the group is the only one that hasn’t earned a golden buzzer in either the first or semifinal round. But Cowell has been adamant throughout the season that the group could end up surprising everyone and winning the whole thing.

Musa Motha — Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer (semifinals)

Musa Motha, a dancer from South Africa, dazzled on “Britain’s Got Talent” last year, earning a golden buzzer from all of the judges, which sent him straight through to the finale, where he ultimately placed fifth.

Now, as part of “AGT: Fantasy League,” Motha is competing on Cowell’s team. At the start of his “Fantasy League” debut, the dancer opened up to the audience about his background, sharing that he had plans to become a professional soccer player until he got ill and was diagnosed with cancer around the age of 11. The cancer cost him his left leg, per CNN — and that’s when Motha turned to dancing.

“Dancing really made me feel brand new, made me feel happy, excited,” Motha said during his “Fantasy League” debut.

Motha wasn’t able to make it to the U.S. in time for his appearance on “Fantasy League,” so he performed his dance routine remotely from London. But that didn’t prove to be any sort of disadvantage for the dancer, who was Cowell’s first pick for the competition.

“Even though it was remote, it was close,” Cowell said. “I have so much respect for you as a person, as an artist. You are exceptional.”

Cowell’s enthusiasm for Motha’s artistry intensified in the semifinal round on Feb. 5. Finally able to see Motha in person, the “AGT” judge told the dancer that the finale wouldn’t be the same without him, and pushed his golden buzzer to solidify Motha’s spot in the finale.

V.Unbeatable — Heidi Klum’s golden buzzer (semifinals)

V.Unbeatable, a group of 30 dancers from India, already have an “AGT” victory to their name. After rising to international prominence in 2019 when they competed on the 14th season of “America’s Got Talent” and received a golden buzzer from guest judge Dwyane Wade, the dancers went on to win Season 2 of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” the following year, as the Deseret News previously reported.

On “Fantasy League,” Cowell praised the dancers for putting their title on the line to come back and compete in the new spinoff. V.Unbeatable entered the competition as part of Mandel’s team (Mandel gave them the golden buzzer during their run on “Champions,” and has been one of their biggest fans.)

The dance crew brought high-flying flips, jumps and stunts to their “Fantasy League” debut, leading Cowell to call the act “world class.” The high-flying stunts got even more daring during the semifinal round.

As Mandel declared V.Unbeatable his “favorite act of all time,” Klum hit her golden buzzer and stole the act for her own team while also securing the group’s spot in the finale.

“I literally sit here and I think, ‘Did I just see that?’” Klum said. “I mean, it’s so insane.”

Shadow Ace

Shadow Ace is just one of two acts in the finale that didn’t earn a golden buzzer in the “Fantasy League” competition. But Cowell was quick to say during the semifinals that he wouldn’t be surprised to see the hand shadow act end up in the finale, and his prediction was correct — Shadow Ace was the one act the audience voted through to the final round on Feb. 5.

Shadow Ace has a long history with the “Got Talent” franchise. The act competed on “Pilipinas Got Talent” in 2016 and “Asia’s Got Talent” in 2019 before making his “AGT” debut in 2023, where he finished as a semifinalist.

For his appearances on “Fantasy League,” Shadow Ace sat in front of a projector with an “AGT” judge (Mandel during the first round and Cowell during the semifinal round), using the shadows of his hands and the judges’ profiles to put on comedic routines.

“I mean, it is so simple what you do, but it has such a huge effect,” Klum said during the semifinal round. “It was so funny.”

“I actually think when you’re up there, closer, you realize how clever this act is,” Cowell added. “I mean, you’re really unique.”

When is the ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ finale?

The top 10 acts will compete in the “AGT: Fantasy League” finale, which airs Feb. 12 on NBC. “Fantasy League” will crown a winner with the $250,000 grand prize on Feb. 19.