After several weeks, “AGT: Fantasy League” — a new competition that features top acts from “Got Talent” franchises over the years — has revealed a winner and given the act a $250,000 grand prize.

Throughout a competition that started with each “AGT” judge drafting 10 acts to its dream team, the 40 contenders brought new tricks and routines to the show with the hopes of being crowned the best of the best.

But only one act could take home that title. On Monday night, the show crowned the Ramadhani Brothers the inaugural winner of “Fantasy League.”

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Ramadhani Brothers win ‘AGT: Fantasy League’

The Ramadhani Brothers, a head-balancing act from Tanzania, first appeared on “AGT” in 2023, where they finished the competition in fifth. They made it clear in their return to the franchise that they were determined to win.

Brothers Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu simultaneously wowed and terrified the “AGT” judges and audience on “Fantasy League.” The act started out as part of “AGT” judge Heidi Klum’s dream team — though their time with Klum was short-lived.

For their “Fantasy League” debut, the Ramadhani Brothers put together a gripping routine that started with one brother on the floor, using just his leg to hold up the other brother by the head.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince the judges, one of the brothers proceeded to wear a blindfold as he walked up a series of steps while balancing the other brother on his head. But he didn’t stop there: After he descended the steps, he later took off the blindfold and walked up the steps backwards — with his brother still on his head.

The routine led judge Howie Mandel to hit his golden buzzer, securing the Ramadhani Brothers for his own team and sending them straight through to the finale.

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And that ended up being one of the best moves Mandel made in the competition. Mandel called the Ramadhani Brothers’ finale routine for “Fantasy League” a “winning performance,” and he was right: The brothers beat out nine other acts in the finale to win the most votes from the audience and secure their “Fantasy League” championship title — and give Mandel bragging rights as their “AGT” coach.

For the finale, the Ramadhani Brothers stood in the middle of two ladders and climbed up and descended the rungs — one brother had a foot on each ladder as he balanced the other brother on his head all the while. They finished out the act by doing the same thing on a taller ladder — blindfolded.

“Probably one of the most terrifying acts in ‘AGT’ history, (and) I said, ‘How can you step it up?’” Mandel said following the routine. “That was a winning performance!”

Simon Cowell called it the act’s “best performance” “by far,” and Klum noted that she has a “deep love” for the brothers and was sad they were no longer on her team.

“I felt sick, I wanted to cry, I wanted to go home, I wanted to hide, I couldn’t watch it,” Mel B added. “It was incredible!”

What the Ramadhani Brothers said about winning ‘AGT: Fantasy League’

The Ramadhani Brothers have competed on a number of “Got Talent” franchise series, including “Australia’s Got Talent,” “Got Talent España” and “Românii au talent,” per USA Today.

But “Fantasy League” marks their first win. And they already know what they want to do with their prize money.

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“We plan to upgrade our acrobatic training place in Tanzania and buy more equipment,” Jobu told People following the win. “We also want to help other acrobats from our community improve their lives. We’d also like to buy land and build our own homes.”

The Ramadhani Brothers also have their sights set on taking their act to Las Vegas with their acrobatic coach.

“Our dream all along has been to headline a show in Las Vegas,” Jobu told People. “We hope to one day see our faces on billboards.”

Who finished in the top 5 on ‘America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League’?

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