The phrase that is bandied about on the right is ahistorical and exclusionary, critics say.
It’s no coincidence that Gen Z has the highest level of mental health issues and the lowest level of religiosity.
Farhan Akhtar discusses his character in ‘Ms. Marvel’ and his future in the Marvel universe.
College football has become Wild West with NIL deals in NCAA vacuum of regulations, but BYU plans to steady the course.
Is the country superstar a ‘Stranger Things’ fan? Sort of.
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On Thursday, Uber released a safety report that tackles reports the company has received about fatalities and sexual misconduct.
The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square are preparing a special event called, “Love Thy Neighbor,” featuring a soloist from BYU in July.
Social media users are urging people to join the strike on gas.
Will the Utes remain in the depleted Pac-12? Will they move to the Big Ten or Big 12? Time will tell
A new temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints coming to the greater Guatemala City area will be called the Miraflores Guatemala City Guatemala Temple.
Due to supply chain issues and skyrocketing costs, many cities across the U.S. are canceling Independence Day firework shows.
While the EPA v. West Virginia ruling gives more regulatory power back to Congress, it could hamper the fight against climate change.
Fourth of July events in Salt Lake, Utah, Davis and Weber counties include farmers markets and concerts.
California will extend coverage to undocumented immigrants by 2024, costing the state about $2.7 billion each year.
During Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ the host revealed ‘exciting news’ to his listeners and fans.
In 2020, public officials in Denmark decided to cull the nation’s entire farmed mink population due to the pandemic.
The goring is the third incident of a park visitor being injured by a bison in 2022.
Across 10 states, 22 people have become ill and an Illinois resident died in the listeriosis outbreak that DNA says has a common, unidentified source.
Big 12 commissioner appears fit and ready for the kind of dealmaking that big-time college conferences need.
With one of the most expensive rosters in the league, Jazz options in free agency are likely limited.
Cheney spoke at the Ronald Reagan Library about what the House select committee investigating Jan. 6 has learned.
A key metric watched by the Federal Reserve and updated Thursday in a U.S. Commerce Department report shows inflation continues to surge alongside a decrease in real income. Is a recession coming?
The Census Bureau released new demographic data from its 2021 population estimate, finding that Utah is still the “youngest” state in the nation and slowly becoming more diverse.
Utah is among the states that challenged EPA’s authority to change nation’s power grid.
Employees at Park City Mountain Resort, one of the largest ski areas in the U.S., will have to travel to Nevada or Colorado if they are seeking an abortion not permitted under Utah law.
In an interview with Men’s Health, the ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star disavows being religious. Fans are right to wonder why.
The Black Sea corridor has been reestablished, Ukraine cuts ties with Syria and Europe denounces civilian casualties
The World Health Organization said the spread of the virus to children raises sobering possibility the virus could become endemic.
‘Everything is in place for Utah to make a run at a playoff spot in ’22’ says one publication.
Rep. Adam Kinzinger implied that Rep. Lauren Boebert is hurting the country and urged his followers to oppose the ‘Christian Taliban.’
The Trump-era policy sent migrants who reached the U.S. border back into Mexico to wait for a decision in their immigration proceedings, regardless of their country of origin.
Jackson became the first the Black woman on the Supreme Court.
Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both far past retirement age of 65. The presidential candidacy requires a minimum age, but it is time to consider adding a maximum age.
World leaders gathered this week in Germany to discuss the problems on the world stage. What solutions and opportunities can we find in these talks?
Utah is poised to stage the Olympics again, and to make the state the crossroads of the world.
Independence Day weekend is expected to be a busy one in terms of air travel. To ease the strain, Delta will let you change flight plans for free.
It’s time for straight talk about what marital polyamory really is and why the push to make it mainstream threatens monogamy.
Building agency in the next generation will depend partly on teaching our young people to appreciate and embrace America’s founding principles
“Everybody — Democrat and Republican, right and left and center — has come together to defend this foundational right.”
A new study details popularity of northern Utah’s Bear Lake.
The committee hopes that witnesses who haven’t talked yet or have more details to share will come forward.
Former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of three Utah candidates in Tuesday’s Republican primary election had no impact on the outcome other than padding his stats.
After word spread Tuesday that the franchise had found its next head coach, the team made it official Wednesday.
‘Now it’s your turn to have your freedom taken from you,’ said victim Jane Doe 2