The goal of Matt Willey is to paint 50,000 individual bees as a part of his art initiative called The Good of the Hive.
A rare painting from the first episode of “Joy of Painting” could be the most expensive Ross piece ever sold.
Here are some iconic movies from the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s
“The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring,” an 1884 painting by Vincent van Gogh, had been missing since March 2020.
University of Utah professor Armando Solórzano, who curated the display, said the intention was to give a voice to the estimated 89,000 undocumented immigrants in Utah.
This year is the first time in the festival’s eight-year history that Polynesian Days also serves as a fundraiser.
Sgt. Nathan Carmichael with the Perishing County Sheriff’s Office said, ‘A little over 70,000 people,’ are stuck trying to get out after heavy rains showered the festival site.
Anderson says he doesn’t even want artists to change their work
The rare painting by N.C. Wyeth was the cover art for the 1939 edition of Helen Hunt Jackson’s novel “Ramona.”
In modern television, sex and nudity are common, but why does Sam Levinson take it so far?
Derek Parra said ‘This piece of art is pretty impactful for me because it is so symbolic not only of my journey to the Games, but also just my life today.’
For photographer Maruch Santíz Gómez, each of these day-to-day items represents a thread that weave together a uniquely intimate portrait of the lives and culture of her people.
‘The Hill,’ ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘Wonka’ are among the movies releasing in theaters this year
‘The Chosen’ invited media to a set visit earlier this summer. Here’s how it went
The festival also features cultural entertainment, including taiko drummers, judo and martial arts, a traditional Japanese fashion show and choir performances.
While ‘The Great Gatsby’ did not receive immediate commercial success, it is now unimaginable to think of it as a failure.
Now that ‘Barbie’ has generated over $1 billion, is a sequel on the horizon?
Don’t consider yourself creative? Think again. Being creative isn’t just for kids.
The film has decidedly serious material, even though it’s a romp packaged in pink.
‘The Chosen’ will soon be available to watch on TV.
Mark Sourian worked with Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and Mark Boal. Here’s his story to ‘The Chosen’
‘No actor could ever embody Napoleon like Joaquin,’ Ridley Scott said
Displayed in ‘With This Covenant in My Heart: The Art and Faith of Minerva Teichert’ are famous Latter-day Saint art pieces that tell the story of Teichert’s faith and life.
Teichert believed she had a divine commission to paint the story of the Latter-day Saints
Lewis was an atheist when he became friends with Tolkien
Artist says its important for the countries to work together in preserving ecosystems that allow so many birds to thrive.
In desecrating art, like Rome’s Trevi Fountain, climate activists strike at the earthly manifestations of the divine.
A look back at Martin Scorsese’s films with religious subjects and themes
Christian artists focus on different attributes, whether physical or emotional, when painting their subject.
The pair of portrait is valued at an estimated $6.25 million to $10 million.
‘Not only is the glass beautiful, but the light is part of the window. It’s part of the whole art of it,’ artist Jeanne Gomm said
The Utah Wildlife Federation is sponsoring a contest for artists, writers, photographers and more.
Some Swifties still don’t believe the breakup between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn happened
‘It’s been fantastic. I think it was a shock to win,’ film director Samantha Barroso said. ‘It makes all those low lows while working on the film just incredibly worth it to have an outside source say that it’s also a good film.’
‘There was no Indigenous-specific fashion week this year. I was seeing all these other cultures represented, but Indigenous wasn’t there,’ said Wiarda, who is Hopi/Tewa
Broadway at the Eccles recently added 2 musicals to the 2023-24 season.
Due to record-low water levels, Robert Smithson’s iconic earthwork is more visible than ever. But that visibility comes with a price.
AI excels at imitation. Trained on terabytes of data, its goal is to mimic human talent and skill — and maybe one day surpass it.
Here’s a look at Curtis’ parents, who inspired her to follow in their footsteps but also carve out her own successful path.
The great-grandchildren of an avid art collector and Auschwitz victim sold their great-grandparent’s painting to fund finding more of their lost art collection
The reality of Disney characters entering the public domain is complicated
The art work was identified as a “surprisingly well-preserved” oil sketch by the 17th-century Flemish artist Anthony van Dyck,
‘Stranger Things’ registered the most amount of minutes watched on a television show since COVID-19 lockdowns began
The Whitney Awards honor the best fiction by Latter-day Saint writers each year