Three of Utah’s congressmen call out the hyperbole in Evan McMullin’s language toward Mike Lee.
Utah’s two senators and four congressmen are united in opposition to Biden’s expansion of Bears Ears and Grand-Staircase.
We are sponsoring a bill that would make sure the government’s responsibility to those who were harmed by nuclear testing does not get swept under the rug.
As our nation weathers constant change, the public’s demand for information – and trustworthy information — including local news, continues to rise.
Our American Republic stands unique among all others throughout history, built on the fundamental beliefs of freedom and equality.
Today, I am running for Congress to represent Utah. What a difference a generation makes in this great country.
My father left college to join his two older brothers, and over 100,000 other black American soldiers, to protect a homeland that had not yet granted them full rights and privileges of citizenship