The Deseret News visited Portland, Oregon, and Seattle to see if some of their new sheltering strategies for the homeless could work in Salt Lake County.
Cindy Davis shares the same birthday week as her favorite teacher. This year, Davis’ only birthday wish was to track her down and say thank you.
Most people know perinatal mood disorders as “postpartum depression” or the “baby blues.” For Emily Dyches, it meant anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD. Her family wants to share her difficult story and their faith to offer hope and healing.
Never underestimate the power of one. A BYU graduate who volunteered in refugee camps in Greece last fall recognized two big problems with donations. When she returned home she created an impressive plan to help fix the situation.
Dr. Jason Carroll and Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife answer questions about the challenges single adults face developing their sexuality while living a chaste life.
KSL Television producer Candice Madsen details her journey and what she learned producing a special about love and marriage following her own breakup.
While the Millennial generation is delaying marriage, most of them still want to marry but are stuck in an ambiguous dating culture.
In 2002, Salt Lake City welcomed the world for the Winter Olympics. This Fall, Salt Lake will welcome the world’s religions. The Parliament of the World’s Religions will be the first one held in the U.S. in 22 years.
The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women recently wrapped up in New York City. Kelsey Dallas examines how the Sabbath Day is observed today.
Women from the organization Big Ocean Women defended motherhood and promoted families at the United Nations in New York City last week.
Easter Sunday, “A.D.: The Bible Continues” will premiere on NBC. Produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, the show follows the events that occur after the crucifixion of Christ with the book of Acts as the text
This week’s “Deseret News National Edition” TV show talks ‘American Sniper,’ Utah’s LGBT anti-discrimination law and the importance of pets.
Public-opinion guru Frank Luntz is best known for developing messages for various Republican causes, including Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America.
Here’s how parents can learn to manage the conflict with their teens.
As children, we look up to them as our heroes, and many recognize the service they provide to our communities. But in recent months, reaction to officer-involved shootings has turned some public reaction against officers.
The Sundance Film Festival is underway in Park City. Its mission is to discover, support and inspire independent film and theater artists to tell their stories and provide an opportunity for audiences to view their work.
Mark Kellner and Deanie Wimmer discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to hear all four marriage equality cases from the 6th Circuit Court.
Arizona State University president Michael Crow has been credited with creating a new model for the American university. He sits down with Deseret News editor Paul Edwards to discuss the future of higher education.
The international, inter-religious Vatican conference was an effort to support and re-invigorate marriage and family life.
Here’s this week’s Deseret News National Edition, highlighted by a conversation with Sen. Mike Lee and a look at some of the myths surrounding the LDS church.
The Deseret News National Edition takes a look at Veterans Day, and it also features in an interview with WORLD magazine’s editor-in-chief.
On this week’s Deseret News National Edition: An interview with Nelson Mandela’s grandson, a look at plans for a Bible museum in D.C., an intriguing angle on Malala Yousafzai’s story, the impact of unlimited vacation days on businesses, and Cecil Samuelson’s journey from U. fan to BYU president
Two years after Super Storm Sandy, thousands of families still struggle to rebuild — especially low-income residents.
“The Deseret News National Edition” talks this week about what you don’t know about Africa, what’s going on with religious liberty and the effects of tattoos.
This week’s “Deseret News National Edition” interviews Dan Rather, looks at happy employees, provides resources for expert parenting advice and profiles some fun grandparents.
The American Enterprise Institute is one of the most respected center-right think tanks in our nation’s capital.
This week’s “Deseret News National Edition” looks at sex trafficking, school class size and how to get rich.
Take a look at this week’s Deseret News National Edition, when your family needs to know more.
The Deseret News National Edition focuses on issues pertaining to family, faith, education, culture, causes and finances.
The Deseret News National Edition focuses on issues pertaining to family, faith, education, culture, causes and finances.