Derek Miller is the president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber.

In many ways, the challenges confronting Silicon Valley have fueled the rise of Utah’s Silicon Slopes. But how do we keep a good thing running?
Of all the insults thrown between the candidates, the greatest insult was to the American people.
Mel S. Lavitt, former chair of the board for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, deserves as much praise as anyone.
If we are to truly unite and move towards a cohesive nation, the filibuster is vital.
Facilitating jobs in rural Utah through remote work is just a start.
I look forward to celebrating our nation’s birth on the Fourth of July by declaring independence from my itchy, uncomfortable mask.
Government must once again work closely with the business community in vaccine prioritization and distribution.
When Jesus said the poor would always be among us, it was an invitation to help, not an excuse to ignore.
Let’s applaud and support those small businesses that are working hard so their customers can stay safe.
The current economic downturn presents new opportunities that we must capitalize on with vision, focus and effort
The fundamentals that made Utah the strongest and most diverse economy, with the best economic outlook, are still in place.
If you’ve visited downtown lately, you will see how deterioration and neglect has led to bedlam on the streets of Salt Lake City.
While we will miss the celebrations, this is an opportunity to replace deafening pyrotechnics with quiet reflection as we consider what the pioneers of 1847 can teach us about the pandemic of 2020.
Businesses across the state are leaning in to serve their communities during this time of need.