Only 77% of Salt Lake County residents who are eligible for the earned income tax credit are claiming it on their tax return.
U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited Utah to announce new federal funding that will greatly benefit Utah
Utah gun safety laws struggle to make progress amid Second Amendment absolutists. We need more unity to protect our community.
State leaders should also seek a new, more productive relationship on environmental issues of concern.
A phased approach using better buses, tolling, carpool incentives, tire traction requirements and other technologies would be cheaper and more versatile than installing gondolas.
If you act now, all family members older than 12 can take off their masks with no concern and we can end our summer with a celebration.
Federal efforts to bolster the inclusion of immigrant communities complement and strengthen Salt Lake County’s ongoing work.
Salt Lake County joins only 47 of the 3,007 county governments nationwide to earn the prestigious Triple-A bond rating.
As difficult as this year has been, I remain committed to the future, both in the challenging weeks and months ahead but also during the post-COVID-19 recovery.
Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, was first celebrated more than 150 years ago and is the oldest African American holiday observance in our country.