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Saltair, the storied Salt Lake beach resort originally owned by the LDS Church, lured 10,000 people to its 1893 dedication and drew crowds well into the ‘30s and early ‘40s. Today it is still remembered fondly and lives on in Utah’s cultural memory.
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Mark Twain’s 1872 “Roughing It” recounts his 1861-67 journey by stagecoach through the Wild West, including a two-day stop in Salt Lake City, narrated with Twain’s trademark wit and satire.
On Nov. 3, 1896, Martha Hughes Cannon was elected, defeating a group of candidates that included her own husband and earning the title of the United States’ first woman state senator.
In honor of Banned Books Week, here’s a look at 20 classic and bestselling books that have been frequently challenged –– many of which you have probably read.
A particularly smoky summer has sparked conversations among Utahns about whether the joys of fireworks outweigh their potential risks.
As the first newspaper in Utah, the Deseret News has chronicled the settlement of the West, the creation of a new state and over sixteen decades of world events.
Born 216 years ago on June 1, 1801, Brigham Young was many things to many people in his 76 years. Utah –– and the American West –– would not be the same without him.
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Trump won’t be attending this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Some say he shouldn’t support an event that has become so Hollywood-focused and corrupt, but others say the tradition has merit.
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Even though social media and other web content are so easily accessible, the internet is actually very fragile. To ensure we have a full record of 21st-century life, archivists are developing ways to preserve the web for future generations.