Police say the University of Utah student does have knowledge of the school’s nuclear reactor.
A leader of the FLDS Church in Colorado City, Arizona, is accused of attempting to thwart an investigation.
Investigators believe Carl Johnson has “a long history of sexual abuse of children.”
A person or group spray-painted similar messages on 12 meetinghouses of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
A former assistant Utah attorney general who worked in the Child Protection Division has been arrested in Utah County and accused of possessing child pornography.
Police say a 10-month-old baby had to be saved from overdosing on fentanyl she got from her father’s laundry.
The man who headed up the organization that disciplines police officers in Utah is now heading up the group that defends them.
Teenager accidentally shot while sitting in the front passenger seat of a car by a boy who was in the back seat playing with a gun, Sandy police said.
Shawn Moriarty, of Magna, was driving to work on May 24. The next thing he remembers is “waking up in the hospital, feeling this intense amount of pain over the entire front of my body.”
Thanks to the work of a detective who was new to the cold case unit, police determined they have enough evidence to link Merz to a 1956 murder in California.
Just before midnight Monday, flames became visible inside the Orem temple, which is currently under construction, according to church spokesman Doug Andersen.
Just before the department began transferring inmates, KSL.com took an extensive inside tour of the new prison. Here’s what it’s like inside.
For the second time in a week, Utah Highway Patrol troopers have stopped a vehicle for going over 100 mph, and then pulled the same vehicle over again just 20 minutes later for doing the same thing.
Three people were arrested after police say they caused serious injuries to two boys they were babysitting.
The embattled former police chief of Wellington is now being accused of billing the city and state for overtime hours he didn’t actually work.
Two men in the Utah State University aviation program were killed Friday in a small-plane crash in Cache County, officials said.
After nearly five years of building and more than six years of planning, a ribbon-cutting was held Wednesday for the new Utah State Prison.
The ongoing tension between the Utah County sheriff and the Utah County attorney seems to have reached a boiling point.
Sam Beck suffered “head trauma, a fractured neck, two broken arms, a broken clavicle, a broken scapula, a broken fibula and nine broken ribs.”
For the normally quiet community of Springville, the incident marks the city’s third homicide and fourth death in a week due to gun violence.
Many began to pay tribute Thursday to a Springville High School teenager who police say was shot by her ex-boyfriend Wednesday and is not expected to survive.
The suspect left Utah shortly after Kylen “Ky” Carrol Schulte and Crystal Turner were killed. He died by suicide.
Charges were filed Monday against a Tooele woman accused of putting small boxes on the heads of her two young stepchildren and tying their hands behind their backs for hours at a time.
Nathanael “Nate” Reid Holzapfel, who gained notoriety on the “Shark Tank” TV show before racking up a number of criminal charges, has been charged yet again.
The Utah County Sheriff’s Office says the driver of a vehicle that hit and killed two boys playing in a horse corral was on parole for previously stealing a police car.
The driver suspected in the fatal crash told police he “was scared out of his mind.”
County leaders lauded the “landmark” settlement, noting it is one of the largest civil litigation settlements in Salt Lake County’s history.
Twice in March, multiple windows at the historic Brigham Young Winter Home in St. George were broken by rock-throwing vandals, according to police.