A lawsuit has been filed in federal court against the two officers and the Ogden Police Department
Police say Scott Dale Owen was arrested Wednesday following a standoff after he failed to show up for a scheduled surrender.
Official: Using the helicopter and its video capabilities may help UHP avoid dangerous high-speed chases and give officers on the ground time to prepare to take a suspect into custody safely.
Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson called the criminal charges ‘serious,’ but said there is no reason to believe clerk’s actions affected the outcome of the election.
Officer says the total damage from all of the recent break-ins is approximately $100,000.
Police say Estrella Meza Ojeda deprived her son of supplemental oxygen he needed to survive, and planned his death.
a few offices have also been broken into, one TV was taken, and some items have been overturned.
The daughter of newspaper reporter accused of slapping Orem’s mayor following a City Council meeting during which the mayor disparaged the reporter is now facing a felony charge.
A man who was a material witness to a gang-related shootout at a Millcreek convenience store has been arrested after police say he failed to show up to two prior court hearings.
Stowell’s arrest comes less than two weeks after he pleaded guilty in Roy Justice Court to reckless driving and was placed on two years of probation.
On Sept. 9, Murray police were called to an auto-pedestrian crash where they found a woman ‘laying in the middle of the parking lot’ with ‘life-threatening injuries.’
The Utah Attorney General’s Office investigation found ‘uncovered evidence that Candace Lierd repeatedly made false representations to donors who gave money to support the fight against human trafficking.’
Between the evening of May 10 and the morning of May 11, 1980, a beloved grandfather was beaten to death in his home.
Allan refuses to answer the officer’s questions in the video and claims he doesn’t need registration for his vehicle. At that point, backup officers are called.
As the investigation progressed, police found the family’s 1-year-old dog had been hit by the man ‘numerous times with a metal broomstick, leaving the dog with a bloody and swollen eye.’
The incident began about 1 p.m. when 911 dispatchers received a call from a woman claiming that ‘she had a gun and told the dispatcher to send police before she hurts someone.’
Mitchell also forced the woman ‘to disguise herself’ whenever he took her outside his tent, the charges state.
An unlicensed driver was arrested over the weekend after hitting two police patrol cars.
Cannon said investigators are at the scene to determine how the person died.
UDOT spokesman John Gleason concurred that while drivers in Utah were better this summer, ‘It’s hard to celebrate when you still have so many people dying on our roads.’
The man followed the driver while calling 911 until he was told by dispatchers to pull over.
Investigators say Sage Daves then ‘shot 17 rounds at Lemuel, striking him multiple times. Lemuel had bullet wounds in his left leg, left arm, abdomen, shoulders, chest, and head.’
In the email, Mindock calls the judge a ‘race traitor’ and said he ‘will die,’ according to charging documents.
A Mini Cooper driven by Kavanagh was speeding on 600 South when it hit a KIA at the intersection of 700 East, according to police.
At a local hospital, it was determined that the man was grazed by three shots: one to his upper thigh and two to his abdomen.
About 8:40 a.m. Sunday, Daves received a call that Prion was ‘causing issues’ on property owned by Daves’ family.
One witness told prosecutors that the pickup ‘slammed head-on into one car and ran up and over the second car instantaneously,’ the charges state.
Unified police officers tracked him down Wednesday night and arrested him.