Victim blaming and the trauma of reporting a sexual assault leads many women to stay silent. an estimated 95% of college students never report their assault.
Amid the gun violence, some wonder if fatherlessness could be to blame for teenage shooters. Studies show the vital impact a father can have.
A mother’s emotional and physical labor of love takes a toll, and working moms in higher numbers struggle to find affordable child care.
Utah is falling behind when it comes to women’s equality. When we have equal representation in government, our community thrives.
Women’s History Month is a time for all of us to consider how women throughout history have impacted our lives and land in simple and profound ways.
Research and facts are clear: Utah does have a troubling gender pay gap
Nearly 13% of Utahns report being molested before the age of 18, with more than one-third of those occurring before the age of 10.
Thinking critically does not mean examining things in order to tear them down. In the academic sense it is the process by which we actively examine and evaluate information that ultimately guides our beliefs and actions
Earnings are just one benefit of a college education. We also know there are so many others.
As we take steps to see who among us may be suffering, we can mitigate trauma and promote healing in individuals, families, and communities across the state.
We take comfort knowing that hard times aren’t forever, like the terrible twos or the more terrible teens. The pandemic, however, has turned ‘unprecedented’ into the norm
The words diversity, inclusion, belonging, equality and equity mean separate things and are important for helping the state move forward.
I want dads to know how much they matter to their daughters because as they come to a greater understanding of their influence, they can better support their daughters’ growth in all areas of their lives.
Utah is much more diverse than it appears. It’s time to forget the single story narrative and change the stereotype.
Instead of judging women who work, we should support their decisions and make it easier, not harder, to find child care.
I want to challenge the narrative that men are better suited to seek office and enter politics.
We are all more than just one thing, but our labels do not reflect that.
Take advantage of this extra family time to watch films featuring strong female role models from around the world.
Those of us who are low risk are breathing a sigh of relief. But what about those over 65, who have an underlying health condition, or live with someone who does?
Aug. 26 is designated as “Women’s Equality Day,” commemorating the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Here’s how we can properly honor it.