Legal action over puberty blockers prescribed to minors will likely reverberate across the Atlantic.
The decision will catalyze a slew of lawsuits that challenge orders by federal agencies.
The nuanced Latter-day Saint position provides a starting point for humane laws. But there’s more to be done.
Investors buying up homes threaten to create a society of propertyless serfs unless we make changes now.
A justice system that does not recognize biological sex cannot fully defend the rights of women.
Cries to ‘Do something!’ in Ukraine could lead to catastrophic foreign policy decisions
Trudeau crossed a troubling line when he invoked the power to freeze the assets of anyone who contributed to Canada’s trucker protests.
Inclusivity cannot become a cover for discrimination against women.
We live in a strange land if the first thing out of an injured person’s mouth is, “Don’t call the ambulance!”
Public polling finds an overwhelming majority of American voters do not want to see male-bodied persons housed in women’s prisons. It’s happening anyway.
The United States has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the developed world. The reason why isn’t what you think.
The catastrophic fall of Kabul just a few weeks after America’s withdrawal is the latest case in which a stunning lack of attention to jus ex bello is in evidence.
Women already sacrifice more for their country than men do, and women should not be asked to bear even more.
I’m still open-minded, but all of us who have lived through two decades of the 21st century now have a much healthier skepticism concerning the simple and seemingly straightforward solutions of earlier years being applied to the complex problems of today.