The maternal mortality rate is shocking but bipartisanship legislation offers a way to improve outcomes for both mothers and babies.
Our bodies deserve respect, not violence at our own hands.
A relatively new concept, the charge can cause a mother to lose custody, even when the father is abusive.
The blockbuster film isn’t anti-male. It’s anti-fake.
In the U.K. and in the U.S., liberals are increasingly willing to admit that the rights of trans-identifying persons and women are in conflict.
As AI systems increasingly make decisions, human beings need recourse. Policymakers must act quickly to enshrine our rights.
With advances in technology, we need a new legal approach to parenting and surrogacy.
The state’s Women’s Bill of Rights defines “male” and “female” and refutes charges of unlawful discrimination.
Systems like ChatGPT have the potential for problems that go beyond subverting the need for humans to store knowledge in their own brains.
Free speech is the bedrock of all we hold dear. In standing up for it, Jenny Martinez insists we take a better path.
The acceptable limits of religious beliefs aren’t only being tested at the Supreme Court, but in myriad skirmishes across the country
It takes brave people on both sides of the political aisle, but pushback in Missouri and Scotland over transgender care show it can be done.
The deal proposed by Henry Kissinger requires compromise but it protects the interests of NATO members and sidesteps catastrophe.
In a post-literate era, those who continue to read and to practice critical thinking skills will increasingly be unable to effectively communicate with those who don’t.
The world’s interest in Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir is prompted in part by competing moral visions of life, including the boundaries of family loyalty and what constitutes meaningful work.
What is a woman? You can no longer count on some dictionaries to tell you.
Regimes play a dangerous game when they forget that millions of outraged people can move the world under their feet.
Canadians have the right to die, but do they have the right to live in the face of medical challenges?
The party has found the perfect trifecta of issues guaranteed to alienate women. Abortion can only carry the party so far
If what we want is fewer abortions, the focus on women’s bodies is a mistake.
Because of Molly Russell’s death, social-media companies will now be held to account for their business practices.
Access to the financial system regardless of one’s views is a human-rights issue for our time
While overseeing the breakup of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev thought not only of his own country, but all humankind.
Legal action over puberty blockers prescribed to minors will likely reverberate across the Atlantic.
The decision will catalyze a slew of lawsuits that challenge orders by federal agencies.
The nuanced Latter-day Saint position provides a starting point for humane laws. But there’s more to be done.
Investors buying up homes threaten to create a society of propertyless serfs unless we make changes now.
A justice system that does not recognize biological sex cannot fully defend the rights of women.
Cries to ‘Do something!’ in Ukraine could lead to catastrophic foreign policy decisions