VidAngel has offered families free access to its service for the next two weeks as Utah and the country deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

What’s going on:

  • VidAngel will offer its service for free to help people practice social distancing. The company said on its website that “no credit card (is) required” but customers “must agree to social distancing.”
  • VidAngel said: “VidAngel is offering families at home free access to our entire offering.”
  • The decision comes “in response to millions of children being confined to their homes and their parents wondering how to take care of things” while much of the U.S. remains under quarantine.

What do you get?

  • According to the company, you’ll get the option to skip objectionable content on Netflix and Amazon shows.
  • Access to “Family Night Out” titles for the family.
  • Free access to the show “The Chosen.”
  • Access to Dry Bar Comedy episodes.

What VidAngel says

  • VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon said in a statement: “We understand how strapped working parents are right now trying to juggle kids at home and work from home, and we also know from personal experience how being away from school and not seeing their friends is a real challenge for all of our kids. That’s why we’re making VidAngel completely free for the next two weeks. We hope free access to our award-winning content, which is both entertaining and educational, will come as a welcome relief in the face of the stress of the pandemic. The VidAngel family, just like your own, has an opportunity to pitch in and do whatever we can to help our communities weather this crisis. We hope that in some small way this will help.”

In the news

  • VidAngel announced a plan to emerge from bankruptcy, saying Disney can “send us the bill” on the $62 million in damages, as the Deseret News reported,