A new dating app wants you to fall in love — just keep 6 feet apart when you do it.

What’s going on?

  • The new dating app, called OKZoomer, was built specifically for the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The website description reads: “As the world moves towards practicing social distancing, our social lives don’t have to suffer. Whether you are looking for love or just interested in finding new friends, OKZoomer is here to connect you.”
  • The app connects college students to friends and potential romantic interest.
  • The app began as a Google Form on memes pages on social media. But the app has since gone viral with 2,400 students from 170 different colleges,

Details of the app:

  • The app has 12,990 unique users with 13,164 different match requests.
  • There have been more than 9,824 dates created from the app.

One reason why it works

  • According to Rolling Stone, the app provides a unique experience because you can’t match up with anyone from across the country. So if you ask somoene out, you don’t have to see them in public again because it’s all digital.
  • Jorge Valdez told Rolling Stone: “In person and on campus, a lot of people are afraid to shoot their shot or flirt. But when it comes to this, it’s kind of liberating because potentially you don’t have to be seeing these people you’re talking to once you go back to school or back to where you’re living.”