Marie Osmond revealed in a new interview that she’s been FaceTiming her hair stylist to keep her hair from going gray.

What’s going on:

  • Osmond told Entertainment Tonight that she has used the video-messaging app to talk to her hair stylist since she can’t go out to visit a professional.
  • Osmond said: “I called her up and I said, ‘How does it look?’ and she goes, ‘You’re right, you really can’t do hair, can you?’ She talked me through this. She made me pin this all forward in a ponytail, and she said, ‘Now you pull it over your grays and then they can’t see it.’”
  • “She told me what to do. It’s fun because there’s all kinds of ways you can hide things and do things that saves time and money, and right now when people can’t go ... I do know how to color my hair. I just don’t have any of the coloring things here so she’s sending me some.”

What is Osmond up to?

  • Osmond is reportedly isolating with her husband Steve Craig at their home here in Utah. Her husband is a diabetic and she has immune system problems, too, according to
  • She told ET: “It’s the first time we have been alone since forever. I have eight brothers and he has six siblings so it’s like, I don’t even remember not having a million people around and it’s really fun. We have the best time.”

What she told us

  • Marie Osmond recently spoke with the Deseret News on a number of subjects before the coronavirus pandemic began to spread through the United States.
  • Osmond revealed more about her brief stint at BYU in her interview with us.
  • Osmond said: “It was during the time that my family were in financial straits, and I was the one that was working. So I had to stop the (classes) and go out on the road. So I don’t think it’s in the records at BYU, but yes, I walked that campus and I went to those classes. … I went to an English literature class, and all the people that went with me need to come forward and verify it.”