A new teaser clip for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” dropped online Tuesday, showing a glimpse of what’s to come in this Friday’s episode.

What’s going on?

  • “Star Wars” released a new clip for the upcoming episode of “The Clone Wars” that shows Ahsoka Tano and the Martez sisters getting into another fight with the villainous Pyke Syndicate.
  • But the escape will have to wait, as it seems the Martez sisters are separated in the clip. Trace Martez is taken away from Ahsoka, setting the stage for what’s to come next

Watch the clip below:

The episode synopsis for “Dangerous Debt” — the seventh episode of the seventh season — reads:

“After being imprisoned by the Pykes, Ahsoka Tano and the Martez sisters manage a daring escape of their stronghold. Together they flee through the city to their ship, desperate to evade the Pyke forces in pursuit in ‘Dangerous Debt,’ an all-new episode of ‘<em>Star Wars</em>: The Clone Wars’ this FRIDAY, April 3 on Disney+.”

What happened last time

Last week, “The Clone Wars” released episode six — titled “Deal No Deal” — that showed Ahsoka and the Martez sisters going on a mission to complete a job for the criminal Pyke Syndicate, a group of intergalactic thugs. The group was captured at the end of the episode, offering a cliffhanger for this week.

In my review last week, I highlighted how the episode taught us about mistakes and how we need to learn from them.

I have no doubt that Ahsoka and her team will escape from the clutches of the <a href="https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Pyke_Syndicate">Pyke Syndicate</a> at the end of the next episode. That’s usually how these episodes work. But to do so, they’ll have to learn from the mistakes they made in this episode. The trio will need to work together rather than apart. They will need to unite to take down their enemies and seek out a more forgiving revolution.